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Advanced Steps

The steps in this guide are no longer needed.
The updated cIOS installation guide bypasses the need for a patched IOS236.

However, if those steps for some reason refuse to work, you can still try the old method below.

The trucha bug is a very silly security hole in earlier versions of IOS that allows homebrew users to easily bypass Nintendo's security checks, which lets them to do things such as install modified content to the NAND or read altered game discs. Nintendo has pushed a number of updates to try squashing this loophole, but other exploits have been discovered that allow us to reinstall older, bugged versions of IOS which are vulnerable to the trucha bug. The IOS236 installer will install a Patched IOS36 in IOS slot 236. By using HW_AHBPROT, it is no longer needed to downgrade other IOSs first. Homebrew such as wad managerscIOS installers, or backup loaders depend on the trucha bug being present, so this guide will walk you through the process of restoring this bug to your Wii's firmware.

Don't try these steps on the Wii U, this is for Wii only!

  • An SD Card
  • Homebrew Channel installed (version 1.0.7 or higher)
  • [Offline] NUS Downloader


Offline NUS Downloads

Use this section only if you have no WiFi on your Wii.

Computer ----------------------

1.Run NUS Downloader. (Get it from this page). Enable "Pack WAD" at the bottom (It will say '-NUS-[v].wad' in the box now).

We need to download some files now:

Quick usage guide, in case you haven't used NUS Downloader before:
  • Go to database and Navigate to the places mentioned below.
  • Once you did this, click "Start NUS Download" and let it finish, then go to the next one.

Through the database, navigate to IOS -> IOS 36 -> v3351. After that, Click "Start NUS Download".

Once you downloaded the IOS, go to the folder where you extracted the NUS downloader and you will see a new folder called titles. In this folder will be another folder:
  • 0000000100000024v3351

You can use Extras -> Open NUSD Directory to easily go to the NUS Downloader folder.

Open this folder and you will find a .wad file in it (if not, you did something wrong above).
Copy this wad file to the root of the SD card. (aka: not in any folder).

Now follow the guide below.


Computer ----------------------

1. Downloading the IOS236 Installer
Download the IOS236 Installer and extract the IOS236 folder in the zip file to the apps folder on the SD card.
You can get it with this link.

Your SD card should look like this:
-- Apps
---- IOS236

Wii ----------------------

Unplug ALL Gamecube hardware (Controllers and memory cards) before starting with the guide !

2. Launch the Homebrew Channel and Run the IOS236 Installer.

3. Wait a little while and a message will appear, press 1 to continue.

4. Choose where the installer can find IOS36.
  • If you use the offline guide (no wifi), choose Load IOS from SD card.
  • If you do have Wifi, choose Download IOS from NUS.

5. Press A to start the installation and let it install (won't take long).

6. You will be asked if you want to play pirated games. Even if you are planning on doing this, still choose not to do step 2.

If you accidentally accept in playing pirated games, go play a few real games and try again. 

Note about the cIOS Installer steps

If you are going to install a cIOS (for backup loaders etc), you can go to the cIOS installation steps, but you need to make a change:
  1. After downloading the cIOS D2X installer 3.1, extract the d2x-cios-installer folder to the apps folder on your SD card like normal.
  2. Open up that d2x-cios-installer folder you just extracted. You will see a meta.xml file. Delete this file (or rename it).
  3. Rename the metaForIOS236.xml to meta.xml (this file is only included with the download on this site)
This configures the installer to use the patched IOS236 you just installed.
After this, follow steps as normal.