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Mrs Rachel Hunter

Lifespan: 1754-1813


Nationality: English


Types of Work: Novels, children's stories


Style: Stories convey a strong moral point.


Bio: Rachel was born in London about 1754. She married an English merchant and the couple moved to Lisbon, Portugal, where they lived for ten years, until Mr. Hunter's death. Rachel returned to England and settled in Norwich about 1795. She died there in 1813, having published several children's works, and eight novels.



Lady Maclairn: the Victim of Villany (1806)
The Unexpected Legacy (1804)

The History of the Grubthorpe Family (1802)
Letters from Mrs Palmerstone to her Daughter (1803)

Letitia, or, The Castle Without a Spectre (1801)

The Sports of the Genii (1805)

Family Annals, or Worldly Wisdom (1807)

The Schoolmistress, a Moral Tale (1810)