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Iza Duffus Hardy



Lifespan: 1850- 1922


Nationality:  English


Genres: Victorian Literature


Types of Work: Novels, Travel Books, Short Stories




Style: Romantic stories, many of which take place in exotic locations.


Bio: The child of two literary parents, Sir Thomas and Lady Duffus Hardy, Iza was born October 11, 1850 at Addleston, Surry, England. Schooled mainly at home, she planned and began her first novel at the age of 15.


Her tour of the United States with her mother in 1880 and 1881 produced her novels, Hearts and Diamonds, The Love that He Passed By, and Love in Idleness. Her final novel, The Silent Watchers, was published in 1910.


Iza never married, and died in Paddington, London, in September of 1922.
Not Easily Jealous
A Broken Faith
Only a Love Story
Love, Honour, and Obey
The Girl He Did Not Marry
Hearts and Diamonds
The Love that He Passed By
Love In Idleness
A New Othello
Woman's Loyalty
The Silent Watchers
Friend and Lover
For the Old Love's Sake
A Woman's Triumph