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Eliza Humphreys


Lifespan: 1850-1938


Nationality: Scottish




Types of Work: Novels




Other Names: Rita


Style: Aristocratic characters, exotic settings


Bio: Born June 14, 1850 in Inverness-shire to businessman John Gollan, Eliza Gollan had very little education. She traveled with her father extensively, visiting places such as India and Australia. She later used these experiences in her works.


She married twice, first to musician Karl Booth, and then to singer William Humphreys. Her first marriage was not a happy one, and provided her with material for four of her novels (Saba Macdonald, Grandmother, The Wand'ring Darling, and Jean and Jeannette).


She was a prolific writer, publishing 120 works. A biography of her life, Rita The Forgotten Author by Paul Jones L.R.P.S. is available.


Saba Macdonald


The Wand'ring Darling

Jean and Jeanette

Peg the Rake

A Husband of No Importance

Adrienne: A Romance of French Life

The Iron Star: A Romance of Dartmoor

The Mystery of a Turkish Bath

Dame Durden

Countess Pharamond

The Ending of My Day

Darny and Joan

The Larid O'Cockpen

The Man in Possession

Souls: A Comedy of Intentions

Queer Lady Judas

Good Mrs Hypocrite

A Gender in Satin

Diana of the Ephesians


The Pointing Finger

Miss Kate

A Jilt's Journal