Life’s Optimal Virtuous Economy

LOVE is the answer for peace, freedom, liberty, abundance and prosperity for All!

LOVE is an socio-economic system which can liberate the people of the world from the few wealthy elite who have unrightfully claimed ownership of all the Earth’s resources. Earth’s resources are meant to be the common heritage of all the world’s people, not just the few who privately own and control them.

With the concepts proposed in the LOVE system we can collectively create a world where life is no longer a constant struggle like it is today. Without Love for one another we can never achieve such a bold revolutionary act. I don’t claim to know all the answers, but I do know that the world system in which we currently live under is unsustainable and lacks Love and Compassion for Human Life & Our Planet.

Love alone won’t fix our system, it also requires seeking truth, knowledge and understanding of how the world works, as well as a deep understanding of the human condition.

I used to fully believe that we could fix the world if we could only shut down the Government, but after decades of thinking about it and analyzing the world around me, I came to the obvious realization that if we did that, the ones who currently dominate our Earth’s resources would then have supreme unchecked control, even more than they do now. Without some kind of system of oversight and regulation (government), the corporations (the corporate construct) would further enslave us, waste our resources and destroy our planet much faster than they are now, all in the name of monetary profits, profits that then enable them to acquire even more lands, homes and all of Earth's natural resources, as well as critical life sustaining infrastructure, means of production and distribution. This capitalist monetary system we live in allows for money (those with money) to determine who has control of the entire planet. Money (and the laws created for, because of, and based in money) gives unchecked and unquestioned power to those who accumulate the most. Government allowed the creation of Regulation Laws of money and social structure to be passed and enacted, so we need to change the Government to then change the Laws to favor and benefit Everyone.

On the other hand, if the government shutdown and the corporations with the most secret power, the ones that JFK told us about, the ones with secret private armies... let’s say they didn’t proceed to dominate and control us... the world would slip into a negative form of anarchy and all the store’s shelves would be emptied in a day. I would say, I could refrain from raiding the stores if the government conceded to our wishes and closed down to allow us citizens to try to live a completely Free life, but knowing what I do about the human condition, I would be stupid to Not raid the stores too, because I know most of the world doesn’t have the same kind of restraint that me and a few others could have when we all hear the words “Free Stuff, No Cops!”, everyone would quickly run out of their jobs and homes to get free stuff in a panic and empty the stores in a day, while at the same time all production and distribution would halt, leaving the world in chaos without resources, and with mass violence, the epitome of Darwinism, “Survival of the Fittest” while the ones of us who are Loving, non-violent people will suddenly be struggling with our moral fortitude and die if we don’t adapt to the new world standard of violence.

That’s why we need a way to transition into a new form of government and socio-economic system, through government, which is why I propose this new system I call Life’s Optimal Virtuous Economy (LOVE), through electing a collective of intelligent citizens into government who understand what needs to be done collectively once in government positions.

Capitalism Had Its Place In History:

Before we go into too much detail about the new system, I must first point out some facts as to why our current system is failing at an exponential rate, as well as point out some components that are critical in the foundation of this new system.

We are at a an evolutionary stage in human history with advanced technologies where we no longer need to depend on traditional capitalism. Automation is very quickly replacing jobs, causing mass displacement of wealth. This massive wealth and income inequality perpetuates into an offsetting of consumer demand for goods and services solely based on financial hardships caused by automation replacing the jobs that consumers depend on to make money to provide for their families basic needs. In other words, the supply is in abundance, but without good high paying jobs, consumers can’t buy those supplies they need to live on, and much less be able to cover mortgage, rent and utilities, which by the way, are all virtual debts that can just be deleted, because those items have no true ongoing substantial need for labor or physical resources to remain functional in comparison to what we pay for them. Continuing to pay for these items such as land, homes and utilities is sorely impractical, illogical and counterproductive.

Basicly capitalism is eating itself out of existence and will no longer be viable in it’s current form very soon, it will collapse. At that point we can either put another temporary band-aide on it by printing up some money for bailouts, or we can wake up and see capitalism for what it really is, a failing antiquated system that keeps our government, and hence ‘us taxpayers’, as perpetual and eternal debt and wage slaves to pay back the deficit of  imaginary money, printed, or virtually created numbers in a computer, by a ‘Privately Owned’ Kinko’s copymat called the Federal Reserve World Bank, which is no more ‘Federal’ than Federal Express. We must end all the Banks of the world and transition into a new system that’s fair to everyone and shares resources freely.

We currently have the knowledge, the resources, and the ability to begin automating just about every aspect of our resource management and production systems. Most are done already, and the rest can been done very quickly if we put our minds to it. We just need to change the whole system we live under in a fundamental way, because the current system has gotten to such a negative point where we must hurry up and begin before it becomes too late to repair the damage we’ve already done.  

Matter fact we are at a stage in capitalism to where it is destroying our planet in the name of bottom-line monetary profits. Capitalism had its place in our history and has greatly helped us achieve remarkable things, but we are now at a point where Capitalism is doing far more damage than good, damage to the planet and all life on it, as well as how we as Humans interact socially. We have become so deeply addicted to this virtual idea of ‘money’ and ‘wealth’, that just about every thought, law, or decision making process in our society is based or measured in monetary gains or costs.

This outdated socio-economic structure of capitalism has bred such deep psychological and emotional disorders within the core essence of humanity, that we are getting further and further from relating to, or coexisting with one another, and we must hurry to wake humanity up. The whole basis of capitalism has put humanity in perpetual self-serving competition with one another instead of harmonious cooperation for the betterment of the collective as a whole. Capitalism has no compassion for human life, it has programmed us to think of profits over the well-being of humanity, our planet and all life on it.

It is time for an unprecedented revolutionary act which will involve a, from the ground up, foundational restructure of our socio-economic and organizational systems. We can achieve this goal by educating and informing humanity on a mass level through mass media and social interaction, to bring about a higher social awareness and end poverty worldwide. But we must act now! Coordinating our efforts is essential if we are to achieve this goal. These sweeping changes must be done through government, specifically by electing all new government officials, because most of the one’s in office now are blinded by capitalism and special interests. Most of those politicians can’t or won’t see this vision clearly because of common social and political distractors, debating issues and making laws solely based in money and capitalism.

It won’t be easy to make this change, because the ones in control of the most money want to stay in power, and will likely use their money to do whatever they need to do to stop any other system from ever forming, like they have done for many decades now, from sending lobbyists to buy politicians, to starting wars, ordering assassinations, devising economic collapse, job and home losses, and various other distractors and manipulations designed solely to distract and refocus our attentions from the underlying cause, to focusing on the symptoms instead of the disease, our addiction to capitalism. This needs to be dealt with like most other addictions, for example when opioid and heroin addicts go through detox, they need a ‘transitional’ ‘fix’ or drug to quell the physical, psychological and emotional pains of going through withdrawal.

The depth of which we are addicted to capitalism is deeply psychological, and will require a transitional psychological crutch to help us feel safe and secure. That transitional crutch for a money addicted society, is a debt-free existence, as well as having everything we need to survive, provided at no cost. This will free up ‘time’ needed for society to become more educated about the world, how it operates and how we now have the ability to create a new system that works for everyone, creating abundance, sustainability, prosperity, freedom and very importantly, more ‘time’ to enjoy life and grow our social relationships with one another to positive levels never before seen in the competitive world of capitalism.

The LOVE System is a feasible idea and will offer prosperity for Everyone, we just need to wake up, open our minds and ‘think’, listen and feel, as we research to become more educated and informed, while at the same time, sharing that knowledge with everyone around us so we can collectively manifest a better world.

Throughout this book I will attempt to explain how we as a collective can take back our resources, our lives and our freedom, to create a system that works for everyone.

The LOVE & LifeLine System

End Capitalism, the US Dollar & All Other Currencies

When enacting this LOVE system, the US dollar would be immediately ended as well as all other currencies, including credit cards, bank accounts, etc. This is so the elite can't use their stockpiles of 'cash' to buy and control media; fund false-flag events; start wars; pay to assassinate the one's of us who are trying to enact a new system, etc. But the previous elite will still have full access to life sustaining resources just like everyone else, and they can keep their homes, cars, yachts, etc, they just can no longer manipulate and control resources, society, government or military and/or private armies, etc.

Resource-Based Economy (RBE):

A Resource-Based Economy is not a new idea, the term ‘Resource-Based Economy’ was originally coined by Jacque Fresco whom also founded The Venus Project. A Resource-Based Economy is an idea for an socio-economic system in which production, distribution, and exchange of the world’s resources are collectively owned and regulated by the world community as a whole, not government, corporations or individuals. A Resource-Based Economy will work by using modern advanced technologies such as automation, robotics and global computer networking to manage Earth’s resources intelligently. In a Resource Based Economy all goods and services are available to all people without the need for money, credits, barter or any other means.

The LOVE system is slightly different, in that there will be credits to get us through the transitional period so a negative form of anarchy doesn’t erupt into chaos such as a ‘Mad Max’ world with robbing, killing and fighting for the last can of food on the store’s shelf. So before moving forward to a credit-less, money-less system we must have some way to regulate our free shopping sprees, that’s where Universal Basic Income comes in.

Universal Basic Income (UBI):

Universal Basic Income is not a new idea, matter fact it’s already in use in many countries around the world. It’s a basic monthly income in which everyone receives, to be used for basic living expenses. It’s currently used within Capitalism because the rising cost of living in a Capitalist controlled economic system is becoming unmanageable for much of the world. The LOVE system coupled with the LifeLine App gives us free spending credits for all of our basic needs.

RBE & UBI Merged Together:

What's unique about the LOVE System is the merging together of these two ideas (RBE & UBI) with smartphone technology, which will make the transition into this new system a much smoother process. There are no banks or traditional bank accounts or physical money, and there is no such thing as profit, matter fact, there’s not even exchange of money or credits like in capitalism which I will explain below. Bottom line is that this is a sustainable Socio-Economic System that provides for everyone's basic needs for free through the use of digital credits. These 'credits' do not have to be paid back, they simply enable all of us to acquire all the resources we need, for free.

The cornerstone of this system is LifeLine app that we install on our smartphones that will help us manage every aspect of our daily essential needs. This LifeLine App is linked to the LifeLine System Computer Network Servers.

LifeLine Network:

LOVE’s LifeLine Network System, once complete, will be a highly sophisticated computer-based network system that will be merged with our world’s current resource management systems, such as the highly intelligent systems at, walmart, and all the other corporate resource management and distribution systems around the world. This system will monitor, keep track of, and manage all stages of production, usage, and recycling of all Earth's resources, from raw materials to end products to recycling.

This includes, raw-materials locating & mining; food production; containment & storage; transport & distribution to factories; processing, production & manufacturing of products & goods; transport & distribution of finished products & goods to the stores, homes or other businesses; sales, inventory & consumption; shelf life & lifespan of each product based on multiple factors such as materials degradation, breakdown, quality of design, technological obsolescence and much more; and lastly, recycling.

The LifeLine System and the scientists and engineers who program and monitor it will take into full account, environmental and social impact, to create maximum sustainability and efficiency.

Energy & Clean Water:

The LifeLine Network System will also be integrated with our city’s & town’s critical infrastructures to monitor and manage energy and water resources. However, we will also begin installing new energy systems in our homes. I’ve come up with a new method to convert saltwater into Unlimited Free-Energy and Clean Water using electromagnetic coils and radio-waves to liberate the hydrogen and oxygen from saltwater. This system can be set up two ways, the first is an open-system which produces unlimited clean drinking water and energy, but must be refilled with saltwater as you drink the clean water. The second is a closed-loop system which recycles the clean water, producing unlimited perpetual energy with no refueling.

Once the process is started, it is self-sustaining perpetual energy that never needs to be refilled with saltwater, unless you use the clean water it produces. With this technology and the LOVE socio-economic system we will change the world.

Collective Ownership:

In this resource-based system, No government, or businesses own the world’s resources, nor does any individual ‘own’ any business. Resources and businesses are the common property of everyone collectively. However, the people who work at a business run it like a co-op employee owned business.

No Government or Business Bank Accounts:

Businesses and governments do Not have bank accounts, nor do they receive any credits that we spend. Credits that we spend from All of our personal LifeLine accounts do Not transfer to some other account, the credits are deleted out of our accounts as we spend them, and erased out of existence. There is only three exceptions of credits ever being transferred from one personal account to another personal account, tipping to service workers, donations to family or friends, or selling personal belongings, these are explained below.

Business Access to Resources:

Businesses don’t have spending accounts, but they do have access to material resources and outsourcing with other co-op businesses for producing the products or goods that they manufacture or produce.

Starting a Business:

Anyone can start a business and have access to the resources and co-op employees at no cost.

Our Universal Basic Income Accounts & Universal Free Services:

Listed below are the things that are provided to everyone for free. There are five UBI accounts within the LifeLine app which provide free credits for purchasing essential needs products and supplies. The following list is an index of those free services. They are explained below the index in greater detail. Also, here's a basic example of the LifeLine phone app: LifeLine App with Ledgers  and LifeLine App with Descriptions

1. Universal Basic Income Accounts:

  1. Universal Basic Income: Food - (UBIF)

  2. Universal Basic Income: Clothing - (UBIC)

  3. Universal Basic Income: Health, Hygiene & Household - (UBIH)

  4. Universal Basic Income: Dependents (UBID)

  5. Universal Basic Income: PetCare (UBIP)

2. Universal Free Services:

  1. Universal Housing & Utilities (UHU)

  2. Universal HealthCare (UHC)

  3. Universal Public Education (UPE)

  4. Universal Public Transportation (UPT)

1. Universal Basic Income Accounts:

Your LifeLine smartphone app lists all of your UBI spending accounts. All of these accounts receive free weekly, monthly or yearly credits which are to be used for all of your essential shopping needs. The credits that you receive are given to you for free, regardless if you are employed or not.

All UBI accounts are funded by the LifeLine app system, your income is NOT paid for by the government, businesses or anyone else, the deposits you receive are created out of thin air by the LifeLine app software. In other words, the credits did not exist before you received them. All incoming credits to your personal accounts are created on-the-spot by the LifeLine app.

  1. Universal Basic Income: Food - (UBIF)

Your UBIF account enables you to purchase groceries for free with your smartphone. Your UBIF account shows you your food credit balance, purchases and deposits. It has free spendable credits that are automatically deposited monthly. This account covers groceries for your whole family. Just enter into the system how many dependents are in your family and your food credits are automatically deposited each month.

To shop with your UBIF account, simply activate the 'Shop' button within the LifeLine app, then scan the barcode of your items in the store as you take them off the shelf and your credit balance will automatically adjust as you spend. There is no check-out, just scan item with phone, fill basket, and go, no lines, no registers, no clerks.

This account is linked to the LifeLine World Inventory Database Network to keep track of and replenish inventory for the store you are shopping in.

Emergency Replenish Feature:

There is also a built in feature that enables you to replenish your account if needed for special or emergency circumstances. A couple examples are, maybe you run out of food because you had friends and family over a lot that month and you fed them, or maybe your refrigerator went out and your food spoiled. In cases such as these, you simply just activate the replenish feature in your LifeLine app and it will replenish your food account. After all, there's more food in the world than everyone can eat. Our world produces enough food to feed everyone on Earth for free as shown below.

“Hunger is caused by poverty and inequality, not scarcity.”

"According to a study by McGill University and the University of Minnesota published in the journal Nature. Hunger is caused by poverty and inequality, not scarcity. For the past two decades, the rate of global food production has increased faster than the rate of global population growth. The world already produces more than 1 ½ times enough food to feed everyone on the planet. That's enough to feed 10 billion people, the population peak we expect by 2050." Source: Huffington Post

These statistics alone prove that capitalism is Not the system the world needs. Greed and money hoarding is the biggest problems with capitalism. It's not a system that shows empathy or compassion for Human Life, it's quite the opposite, full of greed, competition and egotism. We need a better system, one that's founded on the principles of Love and Compassion, a system based on cooperation and the sharing of resources and providing for the needs of everyone in this world, without monetary costs and without greedy capitalism. The LOVE System can be that new system if more people can begin to come together and coordinate our efforts to bring it into being.

Food Pricing:

Without profit and labor based capitalism, prices will be very low and we will all receive more than enough credits to eat very well. Even though we purchase the food, in reality we are receiving the food we purchase for free, the only reason we have UBI accounts, is so when we all hear the word 'Free' we don't all at once go on major shopping sprees filling our cars and trucks with months or years worth of food to needlessly overstock our homes. This way we don't overbuy and empty all the stores, we still shop responsibly and within budget as we did in capitalism, but with free money, or credits in this case.

Dining Out:

Dining out is Free for Everyone. When dining out, simply use the Dine Out function in your LifeLine App and scan the barcode posted at the restaurant for the meal you are eating, or use the Order Meal button on Dine Out screen to place your order. Another purpose of entering the meal into the LifeLine app, is to help maintain inventory at the restaurant.

All workers at the restaurants are paid by their own LifeLine App, they receive Earned Income Credits into their Earned Income Account.

Note: Tipping wait staff is allowed, and comes out of your Earned Income Account, but there are certain guidelines (see below).

  1. Universal Basic Income: Clothing - (UBIC)

Your UBIC account works just the same as the other UBI accounts, but for this one we could have it to where we receive a deposit once a year to cover the full year, because most of us don’t shop for clothes that often. Clothes are another abundant resource, so we could be fairly liberal with the amount we all receive. However, we should still be conservative enough to not go overboard, because we don’t really need an excessive amount of clothing. But if some people want to get more than they have credits for, they can use their Earned Income account for the extra purchases. The UBIC account will also have an emergency replenish function for use in the case of emergencies, such as if someone's house burns down, or is in a natural disaster, or various unforeseen circumstances.

With the UBC account we can buy all clothing items, including shoes, hats, coats, gloves, belts, etc. Pricing will be much lower than they are now, and again, businesses do NOT receive the credits we spend, they are simply deleted out of our accounts and erased out of existence.

  1. Universal Basic Income: Health, Hygiene & Household - (UBIH)

Your UBIH account works just the same as the other UBI accounts. Your UBIH account has free spendable credits that are automatically deposited monthly. This account is for purchasing health, hygiene and household products listed below. The UBIH account will also have an emergency replenish function for use in the case of emergencies, such as if someone's house burns down, or is in a natural disaster, or your kid gets into the products and play house or dress-up, wasting all the bath products or makeup; or various other unforeseen circumstances.

With the UBIH account we can buy all health, hygiene and household products and supplies, such as all over-the-counter health products, including drugs and medical supplies; body soaps, lotions, hair supplies, makeup, etc.; laundry washing products and supplies such as laundry soap, bleach, dryer sheets, stain removers, etc.; household cleaning supplies such as dish soaps, disinfectants, floor and carpet cleaning products, dusters, trash bags and bins, toilet and bathtub cleaners, window cleaners, etc. Pricing will be much lower than they are now, and again, businesses do NOT receive the credits we spend, they are simply deleted from our accounts and erased out of existence.

  1. Universal Basic Income: Dependents (UBID)

If you have dependents, such as children or disabled family members, your UBID account works the same as other UBI accounts and lets you purchase necessities for them, for free, but their food credits are in your own Food credit account. This account will cover how ever many dependents you have. The on screen ledger shows your credits balance, purchases and deposits. Your UBID account has free spendable credits that are automatically deposited monthly or as needed by special request for special or emergency circumstances.

Also within this section will be a button to access free Healthcare for your dependents, used for scheduling appointments, ordering prescriptions, and more.

  1. Universal Basic Income: Petcare (UBIP)

If you have pets or are getting pets, your UBIP account works the same as other UBI accounts and lets you purchase pet products and supplies for free. This account will cover how ever many pets you have. The on screen ledger shows your credits balance, purchases and deposits. Your UBIP account has free spendable credits that are automatically deposited monthly or as needed by special request for special or emergency circumstances. Your UBIP account is used to purchase pet related products and supplies for your pet or pets, such as pet food, food dishes, collars, tags, leashes, hair brushes, pet carriers, cat litter box & litter, flea & tick control, bird cages, etc.

Also within this section will be a button to access free Pet Healthcare, used for scheduling veterinary appointments, ordering pet prescriptions, grooming, boarding, training and more.

2. Universal Free Services:

These are all pretty self explanatory, they are free, much like everything else, but no spending accounts                 needed.

  1. Universal Housing & Utilities (UHU)

  2. Universal HealthCare (UHC)

  3. Universal Public Education (UPE)

  4. Universal Public Transportation (UPT)

Earned Income Credits (EIC)

This is what will provide incentive for people who need incentive to work, although many people don't require incentive when they're doing what they love. Most of us would be very appreciative to live in a system that’s providing all our basic needs for free, which would make us happy and inspired to contribute to society. In this new system people will have much more opportunity to find what they love to do, and use those skills to contribute to society.


All Earned Income is paid for by the LifeLine app system, our income is not paid for by the businesses, government or the individuals the work was performed for. In other words, no person, business or government pays us our wages, the wages we receive are created out of thin air from the LifeLine app. There are no business or government bank accounts in this system. All incoming credits to our personal accounts are created on-the-spot through the LifeLine app. Note: The only exceptions of anyone receiving credits from someone else, is through ‘tipping’, or personal donations from family or friends, or selling personal belongings (see below) .

Below are just some examples of possible incomes for explanation purposes but are not final or set. These can all be agreed upon when we start the new system.

Unskilled Labor Jobs: For some of the basic unskilled jobs, we can set hourly wages at any fair amount we decide on. For example, we could set the minimum hourly wages higher than they currently are, say 15 credits an hour, but that may even be higher than we need because we have no living expenses, all of our earned income is purely for non-essential products, goods and services. All the wages can be democratically decided while also being based on resource consumption (like the RBE model) when we begin to enact this new system.

Skilled-Trade Jobs: For skilled-trade jobs we could have a fixed weekly salary based on the trade skills and output.

Specialty Jobs: We could also set fixed wages to people such as, writers, filmmakers, entertainers, scientists, inventors, motivational speakers, social engineers, big thinkers, etc.

Side-jobs: Certain others who are what we would call ‘self-employed’, doing side-jobs, such as mechanics who do side-jobs working out of their own home garage, or other repair specialists who do side work fixing people's homes, products or equipment; or the teenager who mows some lawns or washes cars occasionally. Each time the worker provides a service for someone in the community, each job gets logged into the LifeLine App by both parties and the worker is paid by the LifeLine app, NOT the customer the work was provided for.

What we spend our Earned Income Credits on:

Updated Note: Many of these items or services can actually be 'free' too, the things below are 'just' ideas of possibilities, products and goods that are in abundance can still be free just like the things above. Also things like concerts, entertainment and other services should also be free to everyone, and the ones providing those services such as the bands, artists, filmmakers, etc. still get paid in their lifeline account a regular steady salary even when not doing shows. This also goes for other service providers, like hair stylist and things listed below and more.

When we spend our earned income credits, no business, government or person actually receive those credits, the credits are simply deleted out of our account on-the-spot and no longer exists in the system once we spend it. In other words, those credits we spend, do NOT get transferred into some bank account or pot of money somewhere for anyone to unfairly collect up millions or billions of credits. Stores and businesses do NOT have bank accounts, the credits spent at those businesses simply disappear out of existence.

Household Goods & Products: Entertainment Centers (TVs, Sound Systems, Gaming Systems, etc.), cookware, small appliances (large appliances could be provided with the free housing), dishes, and various other household products.

Automobiles, Auto Accessories & Services: Cars, Trucks and Motorcycles, as well as Sound Systems, Window Tinting, Hydraulics, Paint Jobs, Maintenance, Parts & Supplies, etc.  

Note: All Vehicles used for free public transportation or services are provided for free. For example, Delivery Vehicles such as 18-wheelers, Box Trucks, Taxis, etc. Maintenance and Service for those vehicles is also free.

Recreational: RVs, Boats, Watercrafts, Camping Supplies, etc.

Entertainment: Movies Theaters, Concerts, Plays, Theme Parks, Comedy Clubs, etc.

And Various other products and services.

Account to Account Credit Transfers:

Updated Note: Even this section doesn't have to be like it says, everyone will be given plenty of credits already anyway so there wouldn't be much need for this. It's all open for whatever people think is best. If someone needs more credits to buy something we can make it to where they just request it in the app, and if the computer inventory data shows that the specific item(s) wanted is available at that time (such as a new car) the app will give it to them (give it to you) for free, right then, or it will be ordered and built for you right away.

There are only three instances, listed below, where credits may be exchanged or transferred from one personal account to another personal account. Some may see this as an opportunity to circumvent the system by starting black market sales campaigns, such as drug dealing, prostitution, etc., but the system will be set up to detect excessive amounts of exchanges and display some kind of friendly message about those activities. I’m not saying to make it some kind of major crime or something, we just need to make sure someone doesn’t begin accumulating massive wealth like in capitalism. Besides, most black market trading will end because, first of all, our new way of life will be much easier with all living expenses being provided for free, and earned income credits will be much easier to come by, and second, certain black market products will become legal in this new system, such as drugs.

The following are the only instances of account to account transfers:

  1. Tipping or Gratuity:

We can use EIC’s for tipping service providers such as waiters, waitresses, bartenders, valet, and various other service industry workers we are accustomed to tipping. But no business type mass marketing or sales schemes are allowed.

  1. Personal Donations:

Person to person donations are for when a family member or friend doesn’t have credits (or doesn’t have enough credits) to purchase something they are trying to buy and you want to be kind and help them out. But again, it’s frowned upon to try to use this for business type mass marketing schemes.

  1. Selling Personal Property - Private (Non-Business) Sales:

When people want to sell their personal belongings, EICs can be transferred electronically from the buyer to the seller. This cannot be used for mass marketing sales of products, supplies, goods or services. This also cannot be used for any of the products that were purchased with UBI accounts.

To Be Continued...

The first link is an example of the LifeLine App with the spending ledgers, the second link has a more worded descriptions.

LifeLine App with Ledgers  

Here's an example with more written descriptions of what each section is, but without the detailed spending ledgers:

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