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Google Earth Resources (Web/Browser Version - Released 2020)

Google Sites Resources (new version, not the older, Classic version)

Google Workspace Marketplace Has "Featured Apps" For Education

Chromebooks Receive Updates From Google Until They Reach Their Expiration Date

Chrome Browser- Support Ending For Older Windows Operating Systems, Announced January 10, 2023

As announced in the past, Google is ending Chrome browser support for older operating systems - Windows 7, 8, and 8.1.

Chrome 109 will be the last version released for these older operating systems.

Create Your Own QR Code From Any Webpage in Google Chrome

Click here for more detailed instructions.

Don't Forget the "Undo Send" Feature in Gmail

Online Learning, Teaching With Technology

Title: Using Google Earth In the Classroom

Carol LaRow's article for using Google Earth in the classroom.

Google Lit Trip - Historical Novel: My Brother Sam is Dead (American Revolution)

 A complete unit lesson using Google Earth WEB

(Image # 1 on right)

Google LitTrip using Google Earth to teach an historical novel.

Image # 1
My Brother Sam Is Dead - Historical Novel 

"Google Historical Voyages And Events"

A website that publishes teachers' lessons AND students' projects, using Google tools

1) Examples of using Google tools for teaching and learning
2) Submit one of your own, or use the ones we have on this site.

(Image # 2 on the right)

Header image for "Google Historical Voyages And Events," - a website for publishing teacher lessons and student work using Google tools.

Image # 2

Google Historical Voyages And Events
Teachers' Lessons & Students' Projects

Teachers' Lessons And Students' Projects

Purpose of this site is to publish teachers' lessons and projects students have done using "any" technology

(Image # 3 on the right)


Teachers working on lessons for students in the NYS Master Teacher Program taught by Carol LaRow, Google Certified Trainer

Image # 3 

Techers' Lessons & Students' Projects Using Any Software They Choose

Google Earth - literature trip by Carol LaRow -
          based on an historical novel written about the American Revolution

  Google Lit Trip - Historical Novel: My Brother Sam is Dead (American
- Click here

You will find the literature trip (above) on the following site, which has several teachers' lessons and students' projects:

Using Google Earth WEB. Click chevrons to advance through the project.

Figure 1 - Click chevrons to view the tour forward or backward

Google Earth WEB. Use the table of contents to advance through the project.

Figure 2 - Click the  3 lines to show the "Table of Contents" in the sidebar. 

Conference Handouts:

Google Tools for Educators - Conference Handout

Useful Google Tips, Tricks, Features, and Handouts

Google Online Book: 20 Things I Learned About Browsers & The WEB - download 46 page PDF (contains useful information);
be sure to scroll down to see all 46 pages of the PDF

Google Chromebooks - Classroom In The Cloud (Classroom Management):

NYSCATE Conference 2010 - Session: Teacher & Student Projects Using Google Tools   

Demos For Audience Practice 

Create Customized Google Maps For Classroom Projects - ISTE Conference 2011, Google Teaching Booth

Best Practices - Conference Handout

Resources for Teachers - Teacher Productivity, Handout

South Carolina Midlands Summit - Featured Presenter 

Maine Google Summit - Featured Presenter

Teaching An Historical Novel - Posted on Google's National Education Site:

         1) Carol's Lesson Plan & Worksheets Posted on Google's National Site

         2) Lesson Materials, Student Directions, Worksheets, Links

         3) Power Point Presentation, Teaching An Historical Novel

Google Tools:

  Google Meet - Resources and Handouts

  Google Tools for Educators - Conference Handout

  Google Classroom Features

  Google Classroom Additional Topics

  Google Special Features - Find & save information, discover topics, increase personal productivity

  Google Docs Additional Features                  Google Docs Advanced Features

  Google Docs - Step by step directions with screen shots  

  Google Docs - Type With Your Voice

  Google "How-To" Docs, including creating an account, LookUp Formula, Searching Strategies, Making
  A QR Code From Any Webpage, Showing Invisible Characters In Docs, & More

  Google Calendar - Step By Step How-To

  Google FORMS - Sample FORMS, Uses and Integration ideas 

  Google FORMS - Step By Step How-To

  Google FORMS - Self Grading Sample Quiz

  Google FORMS - Directions For Grading Self-Correcting Forms - Download PDF

  Google Forms - Automatically Stop Accepting Responses By Pre-Determined Date or Number of
  Responses - Download PDF

 Google Forms - Turn Form On/Off Manually - Stop Accepting All Responses

  Google FORMS - Ways To Share FORMS With Students

  Google Spreadsheets - Using Scripts To Automate Class Folder Creation  Note: No need to do this if you use Classroom.
  Folders are automatically created for you.

  Google Earth - scripts to add photos and text to popup windows (Classic Version of Google Earth) Note: No need to use
  this with the newer WEB Google Earth.

  Google Earth - create paths, lines, and shapes (New WEB version)

 Google Earth - create paths (Classic Version)

  Google Earth - create placemarkers and add to globe (New WEB version)

  Google Earth - sample placemarker view (New WEB version)

  Google Earth - Keyboard Shortcuts Handout

  Google Earth "New" WEB Version - Handout  (Google Earth plays in a browser; no need to install software as with
  the Classic Version)

  Google Earth "New" WEB Version - Ideas For Using - Handout  (Google Earth plays in a browser)

  Google Maps - adding images to maps placemarkers

  Google Maps - embed a "My Maps" project on a website, complete with placemarkers, text, and images

  Sharing Docs With Students - Without Typing Email Addresses - Directions

  Sharing Docs With Students - Without Typing Email Addresses - Sample Assignment

  Google Docs - Advanced Features To Customize And Format Documents Quickly

  Google Custom Search Engine - with sample search engine to try

  Google Sites - Make A Classroom or Professional Website

  Google Sites - Step By Step Handout (Classic Version Of Google Sites)

  Google Slides - Make A Presentation To View Online In A Browser

Projects Educators Can Use or Join

Project #1   Google Historical Voyages and Events -
A FREE site dedicated to publishing teacher and student projects from around the World. Schools submit projects that use Google tools.

"Google Historical Voyages and Events" image from top of homepage by Carol LaRow. This project publishes teacher lessons and student projects that use Google tools. It has a history theme.

Topics include:

            • Famous Explorers and Voyages

            • Historical Events

            • History of Your Community

            • Historical Literature

            • Ancestors' Journeys

            • Catastrophic Events

            • Courageous People & Heroes

            • History Museums - Educational Programs

            • Educational Sites & Primary Materials

             • Google 3D Super Modelers - Historic Sites & Buildings

            • Resources For Projects

            • Topics Suggested by Schools

Schools, States, & Countries Already Participating:

           • Australia, New York, Virginia, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Singapore, California, Italy

            • New Jersey, Florida, Canada, Mississippi, Argentina, North Carolina, Texas

Another Project to Use or Join

Project #2  Publishing Teachers' Lessons And Students' Projects -
Another FREE site:

Public Domain And Free Resources:

  Click here for FULL PAGE of thousands of resources.

WEB 2.0: (WEB tools, social networking, tutorials, and resources)

  WEB 2.0 Techniques, Tools, Tutorials

  The Internet for Teaching and Learning

Google Lit Trips:

  Google Lit Trips - Conference Handout

Apple: (OSX, iLife, iWork, Tips, and How-To's)

Apple Announcements And Events:


Navy Pen Pal Project: (Smithsonian Laureate Award)

Google Workspace for Education:

Recent Announcements From Google - Updates And Changes To Google Tools

Formerly Called: GSuite and Google Apps For Education 

Training Evaluations: (Please Choose The Date Of Your Training or Conference)

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