• iPad Tips And Tricks

Swiping Gestures
Use four or five fingers to:
 1) Swipe up to reveal the Multitasking Bar (shows which Apps are open at the bottom of the screen)
 2) Swipe left or right to go between open Apps
 3) Pinch your fingers together to go back to the Home Screen

Different Touches iPad knows the difference between different touches. As you use your iPad, be sure to use:
touch and hold, tap, and touch
Turn Gestures Off In Settings, go to General > Multitasking Gestures > Select On or Off.  
Zooming   To zoom in or out of webpages, photos, mail, etc. pinch two fingers together or apart. 
Note: 1) For photos and webpages, double tap the screen to zoom in; double tap again to zoom out.
          2) For maps, double tap to zoom in and tap once with two fingers to zoom out.
Rearrange Icons You can re-arrange icons on any Homescreen. You will want to do this as you download more Apps so you can group similar ones on the same screen. Touch and hold any App on the Home Screen until it begins shaking. Drag to a new position. Press the Home Button to save the new arrangement. Be careful not to touch the "X" in the top, left corner of the shaking icons. Touching the "X" deletes the App.
Move Icons To Another Screen Using The iPad As you drag icons to rearrange them on the Home Screen, you can also move them to the edge of the screen to bring them to another screen. While holding the icon on the edge of the screen, another screen will slide into view.
Move Icons To Another Screen Using A ComputerTo move icons to a different screen using your computer, connect the iPad to the computer it syncs with. Open  iTunes on the computer. Click the icon of the iPad in the iTunes sidebar and click the Apps Tab. You can see the Apps you've installed and miniature versions of each Homepage. You can drag App icons from the larger screen to the miniature screen you wish to move it to. Note: To move multiple apps, hold the control key (PC) or Command Key (Mac) and click different icons. Be sure to apply and sync when you are done.
Create Additional Home Screens When you drag icons to the edge of a screen, you can create a new screen. You can create up to 11 Home Screens. The dots above the Doc show the number of screens you have and which one you are currently viewing.
Go back to first Home Screen Press the Home button
Brightness  1) Settings > General > Brightness/Wallpaper. You can also select Auto Brightness in this window.
 2) Double click the Home Button to show the multitasking bar. Swipe the bar from left to right to show the brightness and volume controls.
Keyboard  The onscreen keyboard appears automatically any time you need to type. Use it to enter text, numbers, and symbols. The keyboard corrects misspellings and predicts what you're typing.
Note: You can use an Apple wireless keyboard with your iPad. You would "pair" the iPad to the keyboard using Bluetooth. When you use an external keyboard, the onscreen keyboard does not appear.
Entering Text  Tap a text field to bring up the keyboard; then tap the keys on the screen. If you touch the wrong key, slide your finger to the correct key before releasing the key. The letter is not entered until you release the key.
Text Entering Features  1) To type a period and a space quickly > double tap the spacebar
 2) To type in uppercase > tap the shift key before typing a letter
 3) To turn caps lock on > double tap the shift key; it will turn a blue color; all letters you type will be in caps. Tap the shift key again to deselect caps lock.
 4) To enter numbers, punctuation marks, and symbols > tap the number key in the bottom left by the spacebar
 5) To return to the letter keyboard, tap the "ABC" button when viewing the numbers keyboard
Auto Correction  The iPad will auto correct words as you type. If this feature interferes with specialized words you need to type, you can turn it off. Go to Settings > Keyboard > Auto Correction.
Auto Capitalization  The iPad will automatically capitalize words as you type. If you wish to turn off this feature, go to Settings > Keyboard > Auto Capitalization.
Hiding the Keyboard  Sometimes you may need to have the onscreen keyboard hidden. To do so, click the small keyboard icon in the bottom, right of the screen. The keyboard will disappear.
Screenshots No need for a special App. Capture what you see on the iPad screen. Hold the On/Off button and the HOME button at the same time. Screen will flash, and you will hear a click. The image will go to PHOTOS and be in the Camera Roll.
Closing open Apps
Having several Apps open can slow down the iPad and use up the battery more quickly. To close several Apps quickly:
  •  Double click the HOME button until you see a row of App icons across the bottom of the iPad screen.
  • Touch and hold one of the icons until you see the icons shake and have a red circle in the top, left corner
  • Touch the red corner to close each App separately
  • Return to the Home screen by touching the HOME Screen or pressing the HOME Button twice
Apple TV To Showcase Student Work Use an Apple TV to have different students show what is on their iPad screen. Use during lessons for students to show what they are writing or creating. Use with colleagues for trainings. Each user touches his/her screen to choose to project to the Apple TV in the room. The software automatically shows up for the users. 
Automatic Downloads  You do not need to sync your iPad with a computer if you have "Automatic Downloads" enabled. Settings > Store > Automatic Downloads > Apps; turn on/off.
Limited Number of HomescreensiPad will allow up to eleven Homescreens for all the Apps you download and add. You can re-arrange the Apps on the screen (see "Rearrange Icons" above), or you can create folders to hold groups of Apps (see "Creating Folders" below).
Creating Folders You can create folders to organize the Icons/Apps on the screen. Folders can hold up to 20 icons. To create a folder, touch and hold an icon until the icons begin to shake. Drage the icon/app onto another icon/app. iPad creates the folder for you that contains the two icons. Tap the name field to enter a different name. Rearrange Folders by dragging them around the screen.
Renaming Folders
Once you have created a Folder, you can rename it if you wish. Click and hold the Folder icon until the icons wiggle on the Homescreen. Tap the Folder open. You will see the title of the Folder in the white box. Type the new name and touch the gray Homescreen to close the Folder. Touch the Home Button to stop the icons from wiggling.
Note: You can delete icons from within the Folder in this view also. Click the black circle with the white "X" to delete an icon. This "deletes" the icon. To merely remove it from the Folder, hold the icon and drag it out fo the Folder. 
Reset The Home Screen You can reset the Home Screen to its original layout. Settings > General > Reset > Tap "Reset Home Screen Layout." 
Note: This will remove any Folders you have created and applies the default wallpaper to the Home Screen.
Apps Remember Where You
Left Off
iPads can multitask and have Apps running in the background. Many Apps have the ability to return to where you left off, even after you've moved on to another App. Users can resume what they were doing upon opening the App again. Apps that remain open will appear in the multitasking bar (or dock) at the bottom of the screen.
Locking Orientation View  The iPad toggles between landscape and portrait views, depending on how you are holding it. You can lock the orientation so that it does not toggle between the two views. And you can choose if you wish to have the side button to this:
Go to: Settings > General > Use Side Switch to > Choose "Lock Rotation."
Note: This same switch can be used to mute the iPad. It's your choice.
Deleting Apps You don't have to keep Apps you no longer want. To delete an App, hold your finger on the icon of an App until you see the icons on the screen start to wiggle. An "X" will appear in the top, left corner of all the icons. Touch the "X" of the App you wish you delete. Press the Home Button to stop the icons from wiggling. The "X's" will disappear, and you are no longer able to delete Apps.
 Updates You no longer need to connect to a computer to do App updates. 
Recover if iPad freezes
You can "force start" an iPad if it freezes, and all else fails. Hold down the on/off button and the HOME buttons until you see the white Apple logo appear on the screen. Release the buttons when you see the white Apple logo. The iPad should restart for you.
Auto Lock  If you don't touch the screen for a few minutes, iPad locks automatically. You can change how long it takes the screen to lock (or set a passcode to unlock). Settings > General> Passcode Lock; tap on or off.
Set Passcode Lock  You can set a passcode for your iPad.  You can also configure if you want the user to enter the passcode immediately, or after a period of time.  Settings > General > Passcode Lock.
Apple TV  Apple TV can lock the aspect of iPad when walking around the room with an iPad, during a lesson.
iPad 3 Microphone  iPad 3 has a microphone key to the left of the spacebar that is not on iPad 2. Can use with Apple Notes, for example, and do voice to text. Set up in Accessibility Screen > speak selections. Then, when in Apple Note, one of the choices is "Speak." (nice feature for some students with disabilities)
Beaming Photos with iPhoto You can beam photos between two iOS devices. iPhoto must be installed on both devices. After opening the iPhoto App, choose a photo to beam.  Touch the arrow at the top right of the screen (iPad), lower right of the screen (iPhone) for the drop down menu. Choose "On" for wireless beaming on both devices. In the drop down menu, choose "beaming." Note: If using WiFi, both devices should be on the same network.
Apple ID - Multiple Accounts You may have more than one Apple ID account. You do not need a different account for each Apple service. You can use the same account. 
1) Find out if you have more than one Apple ID
2) Apple ID's and iCloud
3) How to find your Apple ID
Photo Library Jump To Top  There is a quick way to go back to the top of your Camera Roll in the Photo Library. Just tap on the clock at the top of the screen. The Camera Roll will scroll from the bottom to the top.
Photo Album - See Inside  You can quickly see what is inside a photo album by taking two fingers, holding them over an album icon, and spreading them apart quickly. The album opens, and you can see all the photos inside.
Picture Frame  Picture Frame mode turns the iPad into an animated picture frame.
App Store App 
The red number in the top, right corner of the app tells you the number of App updates you can perform for your iPad.
iBooks- Use to open other files
If others email you PDF documents or files created with EXCEL or WORD, you can save them to iBooks and retrieve them later. Also, Pages, Numbers, and Keynote will open other file types.
iPad Screen
The iPad screen can scratch. Get a case to protect the screen. To clean, use a damp, cotton cloth. Do not use abrasive cleaners.
Push Option     Settings > Mail, Contact, Calendars Option > Fetch New Data. Toggle between on and off. Determines when information is updated for applications on iPad that support "Push." 
Undoing Last Actions To undo the last action, you can "shake" the iPad instead of deleting the typing. To undo the last entry, shake the iPad from left to right. You will see a box that allows you to "undo" or "cancel."
Read "other" eBooks on iPadYou can read books you purchase through Amazon or Barnes and Noble on the iPad. As long as you have a NOOK account or an AMAZON account, purchased eBooks can be read on your iPad. Access the iTunes Store and download the free Apps:  Kindle for Amazon;  Nook for Barnes and Noble. Be sure and sync purchases you make from within the appropriate App. 
     Kindle                               Nook

eBooks on the WEBeBooks are available on the WEB. Many are free downloads. Use a search engine to search for "free eBooks." Once downloaded, they will open in the iBook App. You can download the free iBooks App from the iTunes Store.  Look for free ePub books to read on your iPad. Be sure and check out sites such as http://www.gutenberg.org, which has over 42,000 free books for download. The site does not require a fee or registration.
Extending Battery Life    Put the iPad to sleep when not in use; dim your screen by using the brightness control in Settings; be mindful of Apps that drain more power - streaming music, leaving the WiFi on when not using it (Settings > WiFi > on/off), having several Apps open you are not using (Dock > close Apps not using).
Location ServicesYou can control which applications can use Location Services. Location Services tell installed apps where you are located. Some apps use your location to configure your time zone or push ads to your iPad. But, others may need to know your location to work properly, such as Maps or Find My iPad.  To turn Location Services on or off go to Settings > Location Settings. You will see a list of apps that use Location Services. You can turn each one on or off. System Services (at the bottom) gives you additional choices you can turn on or off.
Note: The purple arrow indicates that the app is using your location. A gray arrow indicates the app has used Location Services within the last day. You can also choose to have the Location Services icon appear on the Home Screen in this window. It's at the bottom.
Privacy SettingsDifferent Apps can request access to certain information on your iPad. Some request access to your location settings; others request access to contents of the Photos App or Calendar. Some of these requests are necessary for some Apps to function correctly. With iOS6, you can choose privacy settings and enable or disable access. And, you can determine which Apps are using your location.  But, be careful when using this feature. You can prevent some Apps from working correctly. Example: If you like the Places feature in Photos, be sure you do not disable the Photos App from using your location. (Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Camera > On).
Privacy Settings - Off for all AppsYou can turn off Location Services for "all" the Apps on your iPad by going to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Location Services > OFF. This will disable Location Services for all the Apps on your iPad
Determine which Apps are using Location ServicesWith iOS6, it's easy to see which Apps are using Location Services on your iPad. Go to: Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Location Services.  A list of Apps that are using your location will be listed. Note, too, that you can quickly determine if an App is using your location while you are using it without having to go to Location Services. Look for a gray or purple arrow in the status bar of an App. A purple arrow indicates that an App has recently used your location. A gray arrow indicates that an App has used your location in the past 24 hours.
Locate where you areYour iPad can tell you where you are when you have the Maps App open. Cellular enabled iPads have a GPS chip inside them. This enables your iPad to determine where you are. For those iPads without cellular capability (WiFi only), you can still determine where you are. WiFi iPads can calculate your position based on using WiFi hotspots and triangulating cell tower signals. When you open the Map App, click on the gray arrow at the bottom, left of the screen. A blue dot will locate you on the map.
Using the 2X featureIf you have an App that is customized for an iPod or iPhone, you can use them as they are, which means you'll be looking at a black margine around a smaller interface. Or you can click on the "2X" on the bottom of the screen to enlarge the App and scale it to  a larger size.
Finding Apps QuicklyIf you fill your iPad with several Apps and have several different screens (iPad allows a total of eleven screens), you can easily find an App by using Spotlight. Press the Home Button to return to the first Homescreen. Press it again to reveal the Spotlight window. Type the name of the App you are looking for. Spotlight guesses as you begin typing, finding things on the iPad that start with the letters you are typing. When you see the name of the App you are looking for, tap it, and it will open for you.
Update vs. RestoreUpdating the iPad means you are installing updates or improvements Apple is "pushing" to you.  Restoring the iPad means you are wiping what is on the iPad and reinstalling its software. This can be done in two ways. Using  the "Restore iPad" button or using a backup you've made of your iPad using a computer. You can restore from a previous backup you've made of your iPad using iTunes on your computer. 
Do Not Disturb FeatureYou can find this feature in Settings. Settings --> Do Not Disturb --> On/Off. Use this feature, for example, to prevent Facetime calls when you do not want to be disturbed. (in iOS 6 version)
Airplane ModeEnabling Airplane mode temporarily turns off the iPad's Internet connection. This is useful on airplanes when passengers are asked to turn off devices. An icon of an airplane appears in the top menu when you are in Airplane Mode. Although you cannot connect to the Internet while in Airplane Mode, you can still use your iPad for other features such as listening to music, reading downloaded PDF files and books, and other iPad features which do not require an Internet connection.
Resize Apps
Some Apps are customized for iPhone screens, but they can also be used on iPad. If the App seems too small for your iPad screen, see if there is a small "1X" or "2X" button on the screen. Click the "2X" Button to make the App larger. But, be sure to download the iPad version of an App is there is one, and it will fit your screen.
  Troubleshooting - Some Basics

iPad is somewhat unresponsive.Sometimes the iPad can be unresponsive or certain controls do not work as you expect. Try restarting the iPad to see if it clears things up. Hold the On/Off (Sleep/Wake) Button until you see the red slider arrow. Slide your finger across the red arrow (to the right) to turn the iPad off. Restart the iPad by holding the On/Off (Sleep/Wake) Button. If this does not work, use the RESET directions below.
iPad freezing, acting differentlySometimes your iPad will be working inconsistently or differently. You can often fix the problem by doing a RESTART. Hold the On/Off button until you see the red slider. Swipe the red arrow as you normally would to shut down the iPad. Press the On/Off button again and hold it until you see the white Apple logo in the middle of the screen. Let the iPad start up again.
iPad Will Not Turn On - Reset the iPadSometimes you need to do a RESET to troubleshoot if a RESTART does not fix the problem. You should only use a RESET if you are unable to restart your iPad. Save this command for when you really need it. Press the On/Off Button and the Home Button at the same time. Hold them both (about 10 seconds) until you see the white Apple logo in the middle of the screen. The iPad should reset itself.
Screen not responding to touchIf the screen (or parts of it) do not respond to your touch, or if it's slow to respond, try the following:
  • clean the screen with a soft, slightly damp cloth (no chemicals)
  • make sure your hands are dry and free of hand lotion when using the multi-touch features; moisture affects the behavior of the touchscreen
  • Remove any protective sheets you may have over your screen and see if that makes a difference
  • Restart your iPad to see if that makes a difference (see directions above for RESTART)
  • If you cannot turn off your iPad, Press and hold the On/Off Button and the HOME Button at the same time for at least ten seconds
A Particular App is not respondingTry force quitting the App. Click the Home Button twice to reveal the Dock. Touch and hold your finger on the App icon until it starts to shake. You'll see a red circle in the corner of the App. Touch the red circle to close the App. It will not delete the App. Double click the Home Button to return to your Home Screen. Open the App again.
Apps Not Working As Expected # 1
If an App isn't doing what you expect, or if you can't remember all its features, try going back to the Apps Store and read the description again. This keeps you up to date on the App's features, and you can verify the version you have. Don't forget to do updates for Apps. The Apps Store icon alerts you of pending updates by a red circle in the top, right corner of the App. The number in the circle tells you how many updates are pending.
Apps Not Working As Expected # 2
If an App is acting up or seems to be corrupted in some way, try deleting it, downloading it again from the Apps Store, and re-installing it.  To delete an App, hold your finger on the icon of an App until you see the icons on the screen start to wiggle. An "X" will appear in the top, left corner of all the icons. Touch the "X" of the App you wish you delete. Press the Home Button to stop the icons from wiggling.
Note: If you purchased an App, you do not have to pay for it again on subsequent downloads. Apple remembers your purchase. When you go to the Apps Store, click on "Purchased" in the bottom menu.
Note: If you login to the iTunes Store with your computer, you can click the "View Account" button to check your purchase history and re-download an App.

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