Google DRIVE allows you to create folders and organize your work. You can share a folder
with anyone on the WEB:

Once a Drive folder is shared publicly:

There are different ways to use folders in DRIVE:

Teacher, administrator, and staff uses:

Folders are a great way to sort your students' work as they hand assignments in, especially if you do not use Google Classroom:

Folders in Google Classroom:

Student Uses:

Sample DRIVE Page

Sample Drive Page

Apps Connected To Your DRIVE Page

Apps Connected To Your DRIVE Page

Personal Workspace and Priority as Your Homepage

Personal Workspaces And Priority



Using Shortcuts In Google Drive

Shortcuts have been added to Google Drive to make navigating and finding files easier

More Information (taken from Google Help):

Find files & folders with Google Drive shortcuts
Shortcuts make it easier for you or team members to find and organize files and folders in multiple Google Drives.