Share Forms With Students

You can always push a Form out to students using Google Classroom. Classroom does all the necessary "behind the scenes" work to make sure students get a "view only," not an "editable" copy of the Form. No need to copy the URL's and add them to the assignments. Add Forms directly from Google Classroom, using the, "Add Google Drive File." This allows you to add a Form directly from your Google Drive. 

You can also create a new Form "on the fly," by clicking the "+" sign when you create a new assignment when in Google Classroom. A blank Form will open, which you can complete. It becomes part of that assignment.

There may be times you don't want to use Google Classroom to share Forms with students.

You can do the following to share Forms with students.:

 1. Put Links On A Class Webpage

 2. Put Links On Media Center Pages

 3. Make a tiny URL to make sharing long URL's easier.:

 4. Create a Sites homepage for your Google Workspace; link Forms to the SITES page

 5. Create a Google Doc with links to a Google Form and publish the Doc; publishing a Doc makes it a
    "live" webpage. Students can access the published Doc with browsers.

 6. Share a Doc within your domain; make it "view only"; include links to Forms

 7. Email links to others - co-workers, parents/guardians, staff, etc. If you do email with your students, email links to them

 8. Use a current class webpage you have and link to Forms from that page

 9. Add links inside blogs and instant messages

10. Use a site similar to the ones below to collect bookmarks to share with students. Or, show students how to collect
      bookmarks in their browsers, organize them into folders and access them later.:

11. Create a WORD document, add links, and post on the shared school network

12. Use some of the latest features in browsers to collect bookmarks, links to resources on the WEB. Show students how
      to create their own reading lists and bookmarks in browsers.:

Menu Bar - Click Icon

Reading List & Bookmarks

Chrome Browser

Show students how to do this as they do research with a Chrome Browser.

Click here to download a PDF with some of the ideas listed above.


1) Create Links For Students From:

2) Embed A FORM On A Google SITES Page. Students can fill out the FORM right on the
    SITES page.