Workshops And Staff Development

Google Certified Trainer, Certified Google Innovator, Google Certified Teacher, 

Google Apps For Education Regional Leader - Eastern States

Apple Distinguished Educator

Experienced Classroom Teacher - 33 Years

Available For Google & Apple Trainings

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Training can be offered on both Mac and PC platforms, including Chromebooks.
Training customized for your district's needs.

Proficient in: 

Google Certified Trainer, Certified Google Innovator,

Google Workspace Proficient, Google Education Group (GEG) Leader

Available For Google Trainings

Sample Course Offerings

Google Workshops:

Google's Tools for Teaching and Learning - And They're Free

Google Workspace - For School Districts; Secure Environment For Students; Teachers And Students Use The Same Productivity Tools; Administration Determines Which Tools To Offer

Google Tools/Workspace - Train Your Staff On Using The Tools, With Integration Ideas

Google Workspace For Education - Help With Setting Up Your Domain, Adding Users, Customizing Tools

Google Classroom - Use With Google Workspace To Set Up Workflows With Students

Google for School Administrators - Use Tools For Administrative Tasks; Extend a Professional Community

Google Tools for WEB 2.0 Teaching - Engage Students As They Demonstrate What They've Learned

Google Tools for Peer-to-Peer Learning, Collaboration, and Social Networking

Google Tools for Research and Learning

Google's Dynamic Lesser-Known Features

Power Searching With Google Chrome - Become More Effective and Efficient On The WEB

Google Meet - "real time," online video meetings with students and/or colleagues

Google SITES - Make A Professional Looking Classroom Website With Lots Of Extras

Google FORMS - Create Customized Google Forms -  Workshops For Administrators, Teachers, Librarians, and Staff

Go Farther With Google Forms - Learn Some Cool, Advanced Features

Google FORMS - Learn How To Make Self-Correcting Tests And Quizzes

Go Farther With Google Docs - Learn Advanced Features To Make Docs Work For You

Become A Google DRIVE and Docs Power User With These Great Tips

Paperless Workflows Using Docs And Forms

Paperless Classrooms With Sites, Docs, Forms, YouTube, and Calendar. Learn how to use Sites as the foundation for teacher/student interactions

Using Chromebooks In The Classroom

Google Tools for Public Librarians - Communicate And Collaborate With Other Librarians; Promote Library Services; Maximize Your Library's WEB Presence; Assist Patrons

Google Tools for School Librarians - Enhance School Libraries, Gather Resources For Teachers, Assist Students With Research, And More

Google for School Librarians - Gather Resources For Teachers' Lessons And For Students

Google for Small Business

Google Applications:

Google Chrome

Explore Tool

Google Search

Google Meet

Google Drive

Google Docs




News and New Archives




Custom Google Maps

Google Places

Google: Earth, Ocean, Mars, Sky



Book Search

Book Lists

Google Play


Web Albums

G Suite (Google Tools For Education)

Special Features of Google

Chrome Browser: Tips and Tricks for finding information more efficiently on the WEB

Using Google For Research And Learning


Google Add-Ons For Docs, Forms, and Sheets

Google Chrome Extensions That Add Functionality To Your Chrome Browser

Google URL Shortener





Google Suites Of Applications:

Google Workspace For Education

Google Workspace For Business

Other Workshops:

iPads In The Classroom - Great For Teaching and Learning

iPads For Administrators

Student Based Projects for Authentic Audiences - A Real Motivator!

21st Century Learning with Technology - Leveraging WEB 2.0 Techniques

Developing a Personal Learning Environment - Customize Technology Tools for Accessing & Processing Information

Using Social Networking Sites for Peer-to-Peer Learning, Collaboration, and Publishing for Authentic Audiences

WEB Based Tools for Student Learning

Google's Cool Tools for Schools

Teaching with the WEB

Using Information Technology to Address Learning Standards for Both Content and Technology

How Can Students Use Multimedia to Address the Learning Standards?

Publish Your Students For An Authentic, Global Audience

Creative Ways to Use Digital Cameras in the Classroom

Creating and Posting Podcasts on the WEB

Accessing and Using Podcasts in Education

You Don't Need an iPod to Download and Use Podcasts

Uses of Blogs & Wikis in the Classroom

iLife '06, '08, '09 Suite - iPhoto, iTunes, iMovie HD, iWEB, Garage Band, iDVD

iWork - Keynote & Pages

The Library of Congress - A Great Resource for Teachers and Students

The Power of Google - Search Engine for the Classroom

Google - Its Features, Tools, and Additions That Enhance WEB Experiences

Teaching with Whiteboards - Use Your Own Files or Use the WEB

Interactive Whiteboard Sites on the WEB

Safari - Apple's WEB Browser and Its Varied Features

Google Chrome - Features, Uses, and Productivity

Beginning Power Point

Intermediate Power Point

Advanced Features of Power Point

So I Know Google Classroom and Docs, But How Do I Integrate Them for Teaching and Learning?

Google Sites - Use as the Foundation of the Lesson - Hyperlink to the WEB, Other Applications, and Files

Students, Technology, and the NYS Learning Standards

Desktop Publishing and Newsletters for Your Classroom

iMovie - An Easy Way to Create Professional Looking Movies

iMovie Lessons For Your Classroom!

iMovie - Bring Your Own Project and Work with an Instructor

Using iMovie for Students to Demonstrate What They Know

Create Movies From Pictures Your Students Draw and Add Narrations

Pinnacle Studio - Creating Movies for Your Classroom

Pinnacle Studio - Bring Your Own Footage and Create Classroom Movies

Using Technology as a Tool

Students, Multimedia Projects, and Sound Tracks!

Students Create Customized Sounds for Multimedia Projects!

Using Sound Companion to Create Multitrack Sounds

Interactive Databases for Class Collections of Data

Using Databases for Teacher Productivity

Keynote - For Teachers and Student Projects

Using Apple Pages for Teacher Productivity

Learn the Six Environments of AppleWorks 6

Great Sites on the WEB for Classroom Teachers

Sites on the WEB for Students - Practice Tests, Resources to Download, Research, and More!

A Mini Workshop of Productive Sites on the WEB - You'll Register, Navigate, and Learn to Use Them

Microsoft WORD and Desktop Publishing

Microsoft WORD Interactive Word Processing Documents

Forms and Comments - Interactive Documents to Use for Students

Design a Classroom/School WEB page using Go Live

Design a Classroom WEB Page that Communicates with Students and Parents!

Classroom WEB pages for Home/School Connections

Using Classroom WEB Pages to Publish Student Work

Using Classroom WEB Pages to Showcase School Events, Student Projects, and More!

Learn to Use the Draw Tools And Paint Environment of Apple Pages

How Do I Use Multimedia Projects for Teaching and Learning?

Students Create Multimedia Projects for Teaching Their Peers

Using iPads for "Anytime, Anywhere Learning"

Student-Created Digital Projects Using Images, Movies, Music and Text"

Emerging Technologies and Their Uses in the Classroom

How Can My District Use Technology in Meaningful Ways for Teaching and Learning?"

Understanding and Using Computer Peripherals

Backing Up Your Data to External Devices


Microsoft Office Windows (Power Point, WORD, Excel) 

Microsoft Office Mac (Power Point, WORD, Excel) 

Microsoft Access

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Publisher

ADOBE Pagemaker

ADOBE Acrobat

ADOBE Photoshop

ADOBE Photo Deluxe

ADOBE Photoshop Elements


Pinnacle Studio

Movie Maker





iLife, iTunes, iMovie HD, Garage Band, iDVD

iWork: Keynote, Pages



Apple's iCloud

Podcast Maker


Garage Band's Podcast Maker

Quick Time Pro

Google Tools: Docs, Presentation, Sites, Notebook, Groups, Blogger, Book Search, Scholar, Translate, Maps, Photos, News, Custom Search Engine, Book Search, Book Lists, ePub, etc.

Google Earth

SMART Boards

STAR Boards

Promethean Boards


Microsoft Publisher



Kid Pix

Stuffit Deluxe

Pages: word processing, database, spreadsheet, draw tools, paint, presentation mode

Microsoft WORD: word processing, interactive forms, reviewing with comments

Microsoft Teams

desktop publishing, newsletters

Sound Companion

Vox Proxy

Report Writer

Eudora Pro



Apple Mail


QuickTime VR


Roxio CD Creator

Graphic Converter

Norton Utilities

WEB Page Applications:



Front Page