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Google Maps are easy to use. Educators can teach their students to use "My Maps" for projects, demonstrating what they've learned, teaching their peers, student portfolios, and more.

Note: Google "My Maps" is different from "Google Maps." You can create custom maps with "My Maps," which allows you to put placemarkers on the map and add text, images, videos, and links to WEB resource. You can also draw lines and shapes.

Maps can be shared with co-editors. This is great for students when they collaborate on projects. And, "My Maps" are saved in Google Drive, making it a lot easier to find them.

Lesson Ideas:


Link To Open

Creating A Custom Map - Directions

Adding Images To Placemarkers

Creating A smart "Place Chip" To Link To Maps

Writing Citations

Free Resources For Projects - Images, Videos, Music, etc.

Embed A Google Map On A Webpage


Free Resources on the WEB - list of various free resources for projects and lessons

Writing Citations and Attributions - see how to write citations/attributions for images, text, projects, etc. you find on the WEB

Copyright laws Information  - learn about copyright laws, fair use laws, type of works that are subject to copyright, copyright infringement, and FAQ's

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