Writing Citations And Attributions
Carol LaRow

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Giving the proper credit or attribution to an author is very important. 

Use the guides below to write citations or attributions for images, text, projects, etc. you find on the WEB. It's a good idea to teach students to search for non-copyrighted or public domain images when they do projects or create websites. You can find directions for limiting searches to copyright free images.

Good sources to search are Wikimedia, Creative Commons, or Flickr.

Note: For additional information on copyright and fair use laws, in general, see additional information at the bottom of this page. The information at the bottom of this page applies specifically to copyright issues when using Google's services.         Click here

 Creative Commons Attributions:

The sample to the right has the following attribution requirements listed for the user on the Creative Commons webpage for the selected image. I've written it for you below this paragraph, in the gray box.

Note: This is considered the "best" way to write the attribution. 

I've also listed another (shorter but acceptable way) below.

Image # 1 Found This Frog Doing An Image Search

Image # 2 -  Found On Wikimedia Commons Page - Note Icons On The Right Side

Image # 3 - Icons

Image # 4 - Attribution Box Found On Creative Commons

Note the attribution is given to you on Creative Commons.
It is CC By 2.0

People recognize this as a Creative Commons permission granted by the owner of an image.

Attribution is copied from the "Attribution Box" on Creative Commons.

Another Correct Way To Write An Attribution Is:

Photo by Gratwicke / CC BY 2.0  

In the example above, the terms are:

There is a longer way to write the citation which is considered the best way to do it, but the above example is acceptable. If you wish to do the longer version just copy and paste the entire attribution you find in the "Attribution" box (see text below frog image on the right.

Citing Sources - Additional Websites You Can Use:

Copyright Information On Google's Services
From Google Help Center

Listed below is important information about copyright laws, the types of works that are subject to copyright laws, what constitutes copyright infringement, fair use laws, and FAQ's. 

The information below is supplied by Google and relates to respecting copyright laws on Google's services. Included in the description about "Google's copyright repeat infringer policy, is how Google identifies repeat infringers and what steps Google takes.

Finding Images On The WEB  By Usage Rights
From Google Help Center

When doing a Google image search, be sure and click, "Images" in the top right of the Google Search Page. This will bring you to the image search window.

See steps in the images below

# 1  Click, "Licensable" on the image of your choice

# 2  Click to see the license details

# 3  Read the terms on the site from which the image came

Additional Information
From Google Help Center


Creative Commons:

Commercial and Other Licenses: