• iPad For Administrators, Information Before Workshop

By Carol LaRow
Please read the following information before the day of the workshop. The workshop attendees are from different school districts. Some have school issued iPads; others will bring their personal iPads. It will be most helpful if we all have iPads that are ready to use.


1. Full day workshop, from 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM

2. Bring your own iPad. We will not be able to provide iPads for your use.

3. Your iPad may be issued by your school district and may have certain limitations. Please be sure your iPad is set up to do the following. If not, you may need to speak to one of your IT people.

 4. Please have your regular school email account set up before the session.

The iPad you are using:

   can access the WEB; district has not disabled WEB access  
  • has Safari, Apple's browser, enabled   
  • can access the "Apple Apps Store"; icon at right appears on your Homescreen

5. Do you have an Apple ID you can use on the iPad you are bringing? This ID will enable you to access the Apps Store and download Apps. If not, please see directions below for creating an Apple ID. If the iPad is your personal one, you can use a credit card. If your iPad is a school issued one, you can create one without a credit card. 

6. Please create an Apple ID/iTunes Account in advance. If you have trouble doing this do not fret. We will help you create one during the session.

7. Be sure you know the Apple ID and password for “your” device so you can access the iTunes Store during the session. You may have to ask your IT staff for the ID and password if they were assigned by your school.

8. Please create a Google gmail account if you do not have one. (Directions below)

Additional Information

1. Creating an Apple ID/ iTunes account on an iPad

Note: Directions provided for creating an account without a credit card (for those with school issued iPads). You can also use these directions and add a credit card if you are using your own iPad.  
Click here for directions.

2. For those who own their own iPad and wish to create an Apple ID on a home computer,
         Click here for directions.

3. There are a few suggested Apps to purchase in advance. If time, we will show you these apps.

    • Pages - word processor app
    • Keynote - presentation app

4. Please create a FREE Google Gmail account or a Google account before the session. (You can choose to create either a Google Gmail or Google Account.  Both will give you access to the tools. We will be accessing some of the Google tools and showing you how to use them on your iPad. We will also access Gmail (which you can keep and continue to use, even if you leave the district, lose your school account, or retire). Go to http://www.google.com

Create a Gmail Account or a Google Account?  

  • Google Account:  To continue to use the same email address you currently have (a school or personal email, not a gmail address ), you would create a Google Account That way, you would log in with the same email address you currently have. 
  • Google Gmail Account: Gmail accounts are also Google Accounts and give you access to the Google tools.  You will have a different email address - one that ends in "@gmail.com," but that might be something you are interested in having. Your Gmail account can stay with you, even after you've left a district . Whereas you may have to give up your school email address. Again, Gmail accounts  give you access to the tools.

Create A Gmail Account:

  • Go to http://www.gmail.com
  • Click on "Create An Account" in the top, right corner (orange button)
  • Fill out the requested information
  • You can always review your account information in the "Account Settings Page" once you are logged in

Create A Google Account:

  • Go to https://www.google.com/accounts/NewAccount
  • Fill in your current email address
  • Create a password
  • Once completed, look for a verification email from Google. Click the link inside the email to complete the verification process.

Remember to bring your login and password information to the workshop.

Setting Up Google Apps Email, Calendar, and Contacts on the iPad or iPhone

Using Microsoft Exchange

Instructions for setting up Google Apps on an iOS device using Microsoft Exchange.

  1. If you set it up as Gmail only, you only get Gmail syncing
  2. If you set it up as Exchange, it syncs Contacts and Calendars too.

Click here for instructions.

Create a Google Account." 2003. 6 Oct. 2012 <https://www.google.com/accounts/NewAccount>