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Carol LaRow

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John F. Kennedy's Inauguration
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Declaration Of Independence

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Paul Revere's Ride
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Japanese Surrender WW II
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What historical event, explorer, voyage, or local history would you like to share with other schools? Have you studied the settlement history of your country or state?  What historical events helped shape it? Has your class done a project on an historical novel that tells about past events?

This site is dedicated to the explorers, voyages, historical events, historical literature, and historical backgrounds of countries throughout the World. We'd like to hear about famous explorers who surveyed or traveled through your country. Perhaps you'd like to tell us about historical events that shaped your community or region, a catastrophic event in your area, or how your community was founded, its background and early settlers. Every community, every town, every country has a past, and we'd like to hear about yours.

This project is open to schools all over the World. We invite a "global community" of schools to share with us. We can learn about each other's countries, as we contribute to this site. In addition, we can give students a global, authentic audience for their projects, which in turn, encourages them to strive to improve the quality of their work. Teachers can use/replicate the projects on this site for their own classes.


Feel free to explore the projects that have been contributed by other schools. See how they are designed.

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We would like to suggest that you use Google tools for your project. There are many tools available in Google Workspace for teachers and students. Clusters of tools can work together to enhance lessons and offer students a variety of learning tools as they work through the lessons. In addition, there are several Apple applications that allow for creating videos and audio files, which can enhance the projects. Third party software, such as Screencastify, is also available for adding extras to your project.

This site highlights Google tools.

A final project is the one you post for other schools to view and use:

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