Many historical events have shaped our history. Perhaps your school is located in a place where famous historians brought about change or democracy. Perhaps you live where famous battles took place, or famous speeches were delivered, or land acquisitions were made. Maybe your community is named after one of these famous events.

Some of your relatives may have taken part in events of the most recent historical past. Perhaps your ancestors played a role. Many primary source accounts are available from the people who lived through the events. Share your knowledge, experiences, and research of your part of the World with other students.

If your school has done a project on one of these topics, we'd love to host it here for others to discover and learn from. If one of your ancestors played a role, please tell us about that too.

The following schools were the first to take part in this project. Please study their formats as models for your own projects:

 School District:       Madison Public Schools,   Dr. R. H. Brown Middle School           Madison, Connecticut

Project Title: Major Events of the Civil War   (Click here)

Intermediate students in the Dr. R.H. Brown Middle School read articles, research events, and collaborate as they summarize what they have learned about the American Civil War. The students create an historical "voyage" of the major events and battles in Google Maps, combining social studies, language arts, and technology skills. 

Students read the book, Fields of Fury, by James McPherson, chose topics, and did follow up research, addressing the "Who, What, When, Where, and Why" of each event. Students did research on the WEB, used graphic organizers, and constructed written paragraphs with topic sentences, transitions, and closing statements. They used Google Image Search to find appropriate images and cited their sources. The students posted their final project in Google Maps and received three grades: research (language arts/social studies), written paragraphs (language arts), finished product in Google Maps (social studies).

 School District:       San Ramon Valley Unified SD,   Twin Creeks Elementary School         San Ramon, California

Photo Source - Overlay in Google Earth Pro

Project Title: Slavery, Exploitation, and Slave Trade Routes  (Click here)

Fifth grade students in Twin Creek Elementary School do research and learn about the exploitation of people and use of slave trade routes. Using Google Earth, students follow the routes, answer questions posed by their teacher, and draw conclusions about the history of slave trade, how and why it started, where it took place in the World, and discuss what they have learned. Follow the Google Earth kmz and learn more about Africa, England, Brazil, the Colonies, and more. Follow the routes of the slave ships and be an eyewitness to history as you explore the links and do research on the WEB. We have supplied a History Of The Slave in the Western Hemisphere in Google Docs, and Culminating Activity - in kmz and in Google Docs.

 School District:       Lynchburg City Schools,   Linkhorne Middle School         Lynchburg, Virginia

Project Title: Time Travel Enrichment Class Tours History  (Click here)

Seventh graders study historical events that helped define our history. Dubbed the "Time Travel" project, students researched famous events and people such as D-Day, Amelia Earhart, the Transcontinental Railroad, Sherman's March to the Sea, Blackbeard, the Union Pacific Railroad, the Great Migration, Indian Wars of the Great Plains, and more. They use Google Earth PRO to represent the different events. The files are kmz files which will also play in the NEW version of "Google Earth WEB." See directions on our page.

(Don't miss their "famous explorers" projects on the "Famous Explorers and Voyages Page" of this site which include Cortez, Columbus, Sir Francis Drake, the Lewis & Clark Expedition, Marco Polo, and much more.)

 School District:       Niskayuna Central School District    Iroquois Middle School         Niskayuna, New York

7th grade students in Iroquois Middle School studied about the American Revolution and the events of April 18 and 19, 1775. They learned about the battles of Lexington and Concord in Massachusetts and Paul Revere's famous ride that night. The students did research on the WEB to learn about the events leading up to the night of Paul Revere's ride, the people who helped Revere, the other men who also rode to Lexington and Concord, the battles that took place, and the aftermath of the battles. They took notes on Google Docs, collaborated with each other, wrote scripts for their slide presentation, and collected images and videos.

The students worked in small groups to develop slide presentations to summarize the two battles and Paul Revere's famous ride.

battles of the Civil War, slave trade, Transcontinental Railroad, the donner party, Union Pacific Railroad, amelia earhart, trail of tears, D-Day

 School District:       Long Hill Township  School District    Millington Elementary School         Millington, New Jersey

Project Title: Battles Of The American Revolution  (Click here)

Students in the Millington Elementary School studied famous battles of the American Revolution.