Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (2015)

The usual movie poster CD cover is a pull out 8 page booklet .Page...1. See poster above.2.& 3. Photo of Bond in car in Rome with left page track listings.4 & 5. Photo of Bond & Madeleine waiting for car pickup in desert.6 & 7. Photo of Bond next to MI6's Memorial Wall with musical credits.8. Photo of snowy Bond with black specs & gun.
Behind the simple dark blue titled disc is a photo of Bond in crashed plane. Back cover is track listings with bottom movie credits using Day of the Dead photo like front without Craig.

Distributor: Sony Classical

Tracks ...

  1. Los Muertos Vivos Estan ( featuring Tambuco )
  2. Vauxhall Bridge
  3. The External City
  4. Donna Lucia
  5. A Place Without Mercy
  6. Backfire
  7. Crows Klinik
  8. The Pale King
  9. Madeleine
  10. Kite In A Hurricane
  11. Snow Plane
  12. L'Americain
  13. Secret Room
  14. Hinx
  15. Writing On The Wall ( Instrumental )
  16. Silver Wrath
  17. A Reunion
  18. Day Of The Dead ( featuring Tambuco )
  19. Tempus Fugit
  20. Safe House
  21. Blindfold
  22. Careless
  23. Detonation
  24. Westminster Bridge
  25. Out of Bullets
  26. SPECTRE ( End Title )

Duration: 79 mins 43 secs.

CD Number: 4759509

After his Oscar success with Skyfall, composer Thomas Newman is re-united with Director Sam Mendes. Have to say purchased this CD straight after seeing the movie as enjoyed the score especially the opening scenes in Mexico City.

Yet again like with Casino Royale, Sony Classical have given us a lengthy Bond soundtrack without the main theme song by Oscar winning Sam Smith ( co-writer James Napier). An "instrumental of" the song is featured which is a personal preference used during the romantic cliche on train between James & Madeleine. The composer also incorporates the James Bond Theme on several tracks like opening track, 6 & 18.

With 26 tracks there is no standout ones for me but each brings a different interpretation of the action within the movie using the full scope of the orchestra's different instruments especially the piano solo moments.

A worthy addition to Bond soundtrack collection.