You may have read that Google Plus is closing, I've decided to move my collection of personal photos called My Bond World here - post dated as on the original page.

Bond in London

Bond spotting: An adventure ender in this movie ?
Posted 17 Nov 2015
Bond spotting: A traffic jam in this movie ?
Posted 17 Nov 2015
Bond spotting: Someone dropped in here ?
Posted 17 Nov 2015
007 looks a bit lonely this Xmas in LFM reception of Bond in Motion.
Posted 23 Dec 2016
Walking through Horse Guards Parade & spotted green roofs of Old Admiralty House. See insert Daniel Craig as 007 at end of Skyfall.
Posted 29 Nov 2015
Morning walk in the footsteps of Daniel Craig as 007, remember his first meeting with Q at the National Gallery in Skyfall.
Posted 24 Jan 2016
Used to pass this restaurant daily on the way to work in Covent Garden. Rules Restaurant now visited by new M in SPECTRE.
Posted 29 Nov 2015
Went for a London walk today, came across this Bond landmark. The College of Arms visited by Lazenby as 007 in OHMSS . That's me top left & no sign of Sir Hilary on a Saturday !
Posted 16 Jan 2016
Strange being in a Bond location and not realising it. Back in June visited Somerset House during a Sunday walk. Looks different now back in Broz's day for Tomorrow Never Dies (1997 ) he drove his DB5 through one of the arches seen above. Remember when summoned by Moneypenny & arriving in the war room with a 'Tomorrow' paper.
Posted 04 Sep 2016
Still to visit Bond in Motion at the London Film Museum, Covent Garden.
Posted 06 Mar 2016.
Not the most glamorous Bond location, this road is off Trafalgar Square with National Gallery in distance. Remember near the end of SPECTRE, before departing for the MI6 HQ, the night reunion climbing the roof steps ( seen right ) with Bond, M & co.
Posted 06 Apr 2016
Passing always think of Dan at end of Skyfall (see above /earlier post 29 Nov 15).
Posted 30 Aug 2016
Taken last year during one of my walks, went past Eon House, home of Eon Productions in Piccadilly. This is where those interviews are taken for the DVD/Blu-Ray with the Bond cast ( some with buses passing in the rear window ). Tweeted "We've been expecting you Mr .. ?" Yeah that's me top right
Posted 06 Mar 2016.
Passed Eon House, home of Eon Productions today and with all the gossip no sign of any Tom, Dick or Harry for next 007.
Posted 20 May 2016
Passing on Sunday, outside signs updated & 007 Store now on entering ( left side ) Bond in Motion - compare to earlier /post 06 Mar 2016 seen above. Posted 06 Feb 2016
London walk yesterday ended in Whitehall Court, where 'Bond 25' film crew parked & Daniel had his photo taken with Aston Martin V8 - Sunday 30 June 2019 .
Posted 05 Jul 2019