Casino Royale

Title: Casino Royale

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (2006)

CD - Casino Royale
Inside cover opens out with 3 front movie photo montage with on rear track details/credits. Another disc label using gun barrel logo - this time black.

Distributor: Sony Classical

Tracks ...

  1. African Rundown
  2. Nothing Sinister
  3. Unauthorised Access
  4. Blunt Instrument
  5. CCTV
  6. Solange
  7. Trip Aces
  8. Miami International
  9. I'm The Money
  10. Aston Montenegro
  11. Dinner Jackets
  12. The Tell
  13. Stairwell Fight
  14. Vesper
  15. Bond Loses It All
  16. Dirty Martini
  17. Bond Wins It All
  18. The End Of An Aston Martin
  19. The Bad Die Young
  20. City Of Lovers
  21. The Switch
  22. Fall Of A House In Venice
  23. Death Of Vesper
  24. The Bitch Is Dead
  25. The Name's Bond...James Bond

Duration: 74 mins 20 secs.

CD Number: 88697029112

Alas I was disappointed on release as this CD becomes the first 007 soundtrack not to feature the theme song You Know My Name by singer Chris Cornell - plain & utterly stupid ! So I purchased it later in a sale with reluctance to see what composer Arnold gave us to make up for it.

There maybe 25 tracks but most are over before they're started, the CD opens with the long chase and has the usual runaway train music which is a feature of the action music. With the fresh Blunt Instrument we get to hear a snap of the theme, it a shame like in past albums an instrumental version of the theme was not included. Perhaps he will use it like Barry did with his 007 Theme. The composer does good romantic music for the ladies: Solange & Vesper of the movie and uses the theme again for the wide sweeping music of I'm The Money. Nice use of piano for Dinner Jackets and finally we get the build-up to Craig's delivery of The Names' Bond... James Bond with use of the legendary theme.

Overall a needed Bond Soundtrack for the collection but perhaps Arnold needs a break to refresh his juices.