Title: Skyfall

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (2012)

CD - Skyfall
The usual movie poster CD cover is a pull out 16 page booklet. Inside on the first page are the track listings followed by full page movie photos. The only page break is for musical credits with silver & black gun barrel background ( also used on the disc label ). Behind the disc is the black 007 logo & suited Craig on floor shooting poster.

Distributor: Sony Classical

Tracks ...

  1. Grand Bazaar, Istanbul
  2. Voluntary Retirement
  3. New Digs
  4. Severine
  5. Brave New World
  6. Shanghai Drive
  7. Jellyfish
  8. Silhouette
  9. Modigliani
  10. Day Wasted
  11. Quartermaster
  12. Someone Usually Dies
  13. Komodo Dragon
  14. The Bloody Shot
  15. Enjoying Death
  16. The Chimera
  17. Close Shave
  18. Health & Safety
  19. Gransborough Road
  20. Tennyson
  21. Enquiry
  22. Breadcrumbs
  23. Skyfall
  24. Kill Them First
  25. Welcome To Scotland
  26. She's Mine
  27. The Moors
  28. Deep Water
  29. Mother
  30. Adrenaline

Duration: 77 mins 31 secs.

CD Number: 88765401302

Regular musical composer David Arnold is away on Olympian duty for London 2012, so Thomas Newman is brought in to collaborate again with director Sam Mendes ( for 5th time ). Yet again like with Casino Royale, Sony Classical have given us a lengthy Bond soundtrack without the main theme song by Adele. There is "an instrumental interpolation of" the song on track 13 which is a favourite. The composer also incorporates the James Bond Theme on several tracks subtlety not overblown like on track 22.

With 30 tracks there is no standout track for me but each brings a different interpretation of the action within the movie using the full scope of the orchestra's different instruments. Perhaps this explains why his atmospheric score later winning both the Bafta & Oscar musical awards.

A welcome change & addition to Bond soundtrack collection.