The Living Daylights

Title: The Living Daylights

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

- Deluxe Edition (1987)

Inside cover opens out into 12 square/2 sided page. Front CD cover uses movie poster with rear/inside photo of Kara playing cello. Half of one side ( 6 squares ) is a larger movie poster and remainder made of great photos, movie history and story notes by Geoff Leonard & Pete Walker. A standard silver disc with red circle but no 007 logo. Behind disc placing is a photo of the Gibraltar Land Rover fight and on rear an escaping Aston Martin during the ice chase.

Distributor: Ryko

Tracks ...

  1. The Living Daylights - Performed by a-ha
  2. Necros Attacks
  3. The Sniper Was A Woman
  4. Ice Chase
  5. Kara Meets Bond
  6. Koskov Escapes
  7. Where Has Every Body Gone - Performed by The Pretenders
  8. Into Vienna
  9. Hercules Takes Off
  10. Mujahadin And Opium
  11. Inflight Fight
  12. If There Was A Man - Performed by The Pretenders Bonus Material
  13. Exercise At Gibraltar
  14. Approaching Kara
  15. Murder At The Fair
  16. "Assassin" and Drugged
  17. Airbase Jailbreak
  18. Afghanistan Plan
  19. Air Bond
  20. Final Confrontation
  21. Alternate End Titles

Duration: 65 mins 13 secs.

CD Number: RCD 10725

Same format as with Octopussy, apart from the fold-out cover ( see left ) the difference being instead of added film dialogue ( the odd word from Mr. Dalton is sadly missed ) we get an extra much appreciated 30 minutes of music.

Vintage Barry captures again the 'musical' landscape for the 4th Bond and mixes the themes so well into the action. The extra music includes the entire Gibraltar opening sequence and an instrumental version of The Pretenders' end song ( track 21 ).

In the notes the writers have kindly listed the tracks numbers to enable you to hear the score in film sequence order. The bonus CD Multimedia feature ( before DVD ) is the end of the Aston Martin ice chase which is worth watching again.

As this is John Barry's Bond swan-song, then what a great final soundtrack ! The Living Daylights is one of my all-time 007 musical favourites ... to the next Deluxe Edition ! Alas none followed or discovered.

NB. The original vinyl LP cover has the same Bond poster as the CD but on the back is a posing Dalton with gun and 6 super imposed photos whereas the CD's rear features the Aston ( see left ).