Quantum Of Solace

Title: Quantum Of Solace

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (2008)

Inside cover folds out with 6 square pages for the rear 'exclusive' duo movie poster as on cover ? The front's top 4 squares has circle layout with round movie photos and musical credits - seems more for the song than Arnold's efforts. The bottom two has left square for inside track listings and the right one is the CD cover. The disc label uses same light gold circle as fold-out but with orbiting mirror holes.

Distributor: J Records

Tracks ...

  1. Time To Get Out
  2. The Palio
  3. Inside Man
  4. Bond In Haiti
  5. Somebody Wants To Kill You
  6. Greene & Camille
  7. Pursuit At Port Au Prince
  8. No Interest In Dominic Greene
  9. Night At The Opera
  10. Restrict Bond's Movements
  11. Talamone
  12. What's Keeping You Awake
  13. Bolivian Taxi Ride
  14. Field Trip
  15. Forgive Yourself
  16. DC3
  17. Target Terminated
  18. Camille's Story
  19. Oil Fields
  20. Have You Ever Killed Someone?
  21. Perla De Las Dunas
  22. The Dead Don't Care About Vengeance
  23. I Never Left
  24. Another Way To Die (Jack White & Alicia Keys)

Duration: 61 mins 24 secs.

CD Number: 88697 40517 2

Arnold's fifth effort as our established Bond composer, this time rightly includes the theme song described as a "new classic" on the add-on front label - not quite. It definitely ends the album on a guitar thumping high and tinkering of the ivories by Ms Keys to clear the speakers. Still wish they added the instrumental version like on the single. Not incorporated in Arnold's score.

Like Casino Royale, there maybe 24 tracks but most are over before they're started, six of the tracks last less than a minute and another five are under 2 minutes. The CD opens with another runaway train music track but ends quietly just when interested. At least this time the James Bond Theme is weaved into some tracks to remind us that it is a 007 soundtrack. He brings back the piano theme on tracks 12,15 & 23 to reminisce of Vesper.

Overall another needed Bond Soundtrack for the collection but not a classic.