GoldenEye 007: Reloaded

GoldenEye 007: Reloaded (2011)

Distributed by Activision / MGM Interactive

Bond re-visited ?

XBox360 Cover - GE007 RL
UK Release Date:November 2011

Having purchased a new Wii to play GoldenEye 007 without success, we now have a year later the Reloaded version for PS3/Xbox 360 with better HD graphics.

With an updated story by Bruce Feirstein, Daniel Craig replaces Pierce Brosnan as 007 and the game's titles includes a change of singer with Nicole Scherzinger replacing Tina Turner on the GoldenEye theme song. Judi Dench & Rory Kinneer also add vocals as M and Tanner. Eurocom carry over the QOS computer visuals to aid the narrative. The story is broken down into 6 Missions/Locations each with sections ( in bracket ) to complete. This Bond doesn't follow the same global movie narrative but starts in Arkhangelsk (3), Barcelona (1), Dubai (1), Severnaya (2), St Petersburg (4 includes only driving experience with a tank chase) and finally Nigeria (3) replacing Cuba.

You play at four difficulty levels: Operative, Agent, 007 & 007 Classic. During the action, along the way with the help of 007's smartphone you try to achieve different objectives and find hidden Janus emblems. If you like your FPS fast & furious then this game is for you but if you like a break as in the movies then the appeal soon disappears. Wave upon wave of killing different guards becomes tiresome. Also as an XBox360 user you like to feel after each location/level you unlock some achievements alas this only happen at the top 2 levels. so even if you complete the story [!] you only get 10 points. When I first started playing this game my score remained my lowest ever of 5, now finally completing the story just 50 ? How generous !

The game also has two other sections: MI6 Ops where you can tailor your own missions with different types ( Elimination, Defense & Stealth ) & difficulty modifiers e.g number of enemies to achieve a star ratings which is rewarded with Xbox achievements. There is also the usual multi-player which allows you to play online and choose from over 50 different characters like 007 and movie villains like Oddjob, Jaws, Dr No & Goldfinger.

As an older player it usually takes longer to finish the story mode but like with the Wii the final mission proved a daunting challenge for me. Got to the same stage with Natalya trying to stop the GoldenEye with 3 consoles which need defending. Then after months of trying, hurrah moved on to the next stage where you have to 'deal with Trevelyan'. Really after the help of an online video guide discovered Alex not Boris ( who isn't featured ) is "Invincible !" Never in my time have I shot a character to see it shudder/faint after a burst of bullets which normally kill the guards but not indestructible Alex !! I have never cursed so much at a screen than with this end mission. Now I want to take the smug designers and with great deadly pleasure shoot them all in the opening MI6 firing range.

Yes enjoy the lavish & lush locations but games should be challenging but also fair ! Sadly this spoiled game rates high on the annoying level due to the end mission. So any return to play will be far, far less due to past time-wasting experiences.

That smartphone .. - GE007RL
Dan not Broz ? - GE007RL
Jungle enemy - GE007RL