Live And Let Die

Title: Live And Let Die

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (1973)

The front movie poster cover is same as the vinyl album but the rear/inside is a different 5 photos/movie credits/track listings layout to the original rear black montage cover. The cover again opens to reveal blank white pages. On the rear casing is a smaller bottom right version of the rear album cover with added bar code & left track listings - no mention of singing artists ? The CD disc is just silver with black text.

Distributor: EMI Manhattan

Tracks ...

  1. Live And Let Die ( Main Title )
  2. Just A Close Walk With Thee / New Second Line
  3. Bond Meets Solitare
  4. Whisper Who Dares
  5. Snakes Alive
  6. Baron Samedi's Dance Of Death
  7. San Monique
  8. Fillet Of Soul - New Orleans / Live And Let Die / Fillet Of Soul - Harlem
  9. Bond Drops In
  10. If He Finds It, Kill Him
  11. Trespassers Will Be Eaten
  12. Solitaire Gets Her Cards
  13. Sacrifice
  14. James Bond Theme

Duration: 32 mins 21 secs.

CD Number: 0777 7 90629 2 8

Enter Roger Moore as the new 007 and with him a fresh new soundtrack from Beatle arranger George Martin. One of my most played Bond LP/CDs as Martin's excellent score was over-shadowed at the time by Paul & Linda McCartney's exciting title tune.

When you play the tracks Martin's music interprets the action from the movie ( e.g. Bond Drops In for the hang glider scene ). He introduces a re-vamped and improved James Bond Theme for Moore which is only used in the film for the New York taxi drive to Harlem. At a night-club we see a Bassey look-a-like singer, BJ Arnau who belts out a 'raunchy' version of McCartney's title tune.

Live And Let Die is one of the best non-Barry/Bond soundtracks, both deserved later knighthoods for service to the music industry - so arise Sir George & Sir Paul.