Die Another Day


Die Another Day

MGM Motion Picture Score (2002)

Inside cover opens out with 3 page movie photo montage ( reminds of TND ) but no track timings. Better disc label with red & black gun barrel logo following TWINE's diappointing effort.

Distributor: Warner Bros

Tracks ...

  1. Die Another Day
    1. performed by Madonna
  2. James Bond Theme ( Bond vs. Oakenfold )
  3. On The Beach
  4. Hovercraft Chase
  5. Some Kind of Hero ?
  6. Welcome To Cuba
  7. Jinx Jordan
  8. Jinx & James
  9. A Touch Of Frost
  10. Icarus
  11. Laser Fight
  12. Whiteout
  13. Iced Inc.
  14. Antomov
  15. Going Down Together
  16. Enhanced with:
    1. Die Another Day music video
    2. Making of music video
    3. Women of Bond Gallery
    4. Bond Movie Poster Gallery
    5. Menu includes photo gun barrel montage and longer version of Oakenfold's James Bond Theme with Connery sound-bites.

Duration: 54 mins 56 secs.

CD Number: 93624 83892

This was my first impression of the third Bond Soundtrack by David Arnold ...

  1. Didn't like it when first released but Madge's tracks works better with movie's opening titles. Shame not more lyrics instead of repetitive chorus.
  2. Big Brother's Oakenfold has a stab at the James Bond Theme [JBT] with less success than Moby. Tries to mix old guitar with newer sounds. Music more familiar for promoting Nightfire computer game on tv.
  3. Mixture of JBT with action movement music - some sounding like TLD & TND.
  4. More mixed JBT and opening boat chase style music from TWINE.
  5. Quiet to reflect, prompting horn music.
  6. Latin band music to confirm location.
  7. Sea exit 'strings' music for Jinx.
  8. Previous track incorporated for love theme.
  9. Starts low key with piano featured, picks up for brief orchestra end crescendo.
  10. Style of previous track continues with choir introduced to emphasize grandeur.
  11. Starts quietly and speeds ups for fight with louder 'trashy' electronic music.
  12. Drum based with brass opening followed by choir again plus TWINE's tunnel-ride music & JBT segments.
  13. Fast electronic base music sounding a bit like The Professionals' tv theme at times.
  14. Long track, as another reviewer commented, sounds like mixture of TWINE's musical moments with added choir.
  15. Short orchestra track for ending love scene.
  16. For PC use: first two items will please Madonna fans, Women of Bond Gallery has sliding photos of the girls - for some reason two of Lois Chiles while the Bond Movie Poster Gallery includes all the posters except DAD. Back cover claims Bond Bonus Extras ! and music video for track 2 but I couldn't find them, later discovered via the menu's web links option.

Choosing to go for another star singer's own effort ( see TND ) means the theme is not incorporated in any of Arnold's tracks. Also the London Calling track used during Graves' Palace arrival is not on the CD.

Sorry not over excited with this one but another for your Bond music collection.