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Latest Review: Daniel Craig - The Biography  ( 2015 )


Author:  Sally Marshall  Published by:  John Blake Books

This paperback is an update/continuation of the 2007 book that I reviewed. If read first you will tell that I'm not exactly a big fan of this biography of Bond actor Daniel Craig. It appears that it was re-published as a paperback version in 2011 which I missed ( phew ! ). Now with 4 new chapters from Finding Solace to Bond And Beyond his life & career are told over 284 pages ending with an updated 10 page 'Filmography' ( in reverse order ) and very light in details ( 4 lines per movie ).

A new bow-tie photo of Daniel on front cover and only 8 pages of centre colour photos with a couple of end SPECTRE photos. Under an earlier Skyfall photo ( the one with Dan, Judi & DB5 in Scotland ) there's a caption typo stating "Daniel would appear in Sceptre in 2015" oops ! Another text typo has Defiance co-star Liev Schreiber who becomes Live Schreiber on next page. My earlier review mentioned the over use of F-words by Craig especially if book is read by young 007 fans, thought picked up as one appears with a few inserted *s but later back to full spelling lacking any consideration.

Alas with no change in writing style this remains a collection of magazine & paper quotes stuck together with no depth just a paragraph for this topic and move on to another with no thought. Take Dan's famous Olympic video with The Queen "seen by 900 million viewers" according to this researcher "Daniel collected the Queen from Buckingham Palace in a helicopter .." as we all know he arrived in a black London taxi and left with Her Majesty in a helicopter before that famous stadium jump.

Now just a black back cover with a 4 paragraph summary of white text which opens "The most successful Bond of all time ..." and ends examining "the man behind the legend." Really ? Sorry just cashing in on Spectre's release. With the new content it's now priced cheaper at £7.99 but if a 'real' fan you've probably read most of this before, same place as this author. Either avoid or if Craig fan wait for sale or go to the library.

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