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On yer head !

I consider myself first & foremost a fan of the EON film series from which my interests started about British agent James Bond 007. I began to read the books, buy the music, videos etc. One website kindly calls me a Bond Expert but that title would come slightly unstuck if ever put on a quiz show. Hey I still need to use the odd 007 reference book to confirm facts and help "my little grey cells". I hope you continue to enjoy this 007 fan site which I write for fun, as seen left of the mock-up photo of my head on Mr Brosnan's body - for January 2003 news page. Some more up-to-date photos are seen above and right seated in front of the GoldenEye poster in my living room.

I have sort of explained before why I started the Bond Supplement and I will continue to inform/express my views about the world's most famous secret agent.

Meanwhile if you wish to contact me, kindly use Twitter or Facebook.

Thanks as always for visiting !