For Your Eyes Only

Title: For Your Eyes Only

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

- Deluxe Edition (1981)

The front movie poster cover is different layout to the vinyl album ( same Moore pose between legs but no movie artwork ) but the rear/inside is the back of the 16 page booklet with a full photo of bike & 007 on bobsleigh run. The booklet with notes by Chris Neel who reviews the original album but not the bonus tracks. He supplies, as previously, a track order listing to tie-in with the Moore movie along with some memorable color movie photos. On the rear is again different to vinyl album, a monotone photo of the car chase with added bar code, left track listings & top right movie credits. The silver CD has red centre circle with silver text. Removing CD shows photo of Moore about to kick the car off the cliff.

Distributor: Ryko

Tracks ...

  1. For Your Eyes Only - Vocal by Sheena Easton
  2. A Drive In The Country
  3. Take Me Home - Flugelhorn solo by Eddie Blair
  4. Melina's Revenge
  5. Gonzales Takes A Drive
  6. St. Cyril's Monastery
  7. Make It Last All Night - Vocal by "Rage"
  8. Runaway
  9. Submarine
  10. For Your Eyes Only - Flugelhorn Solo by Derek Watkins
  11. Cortina
  12. The P.M. Gets The Bird/For Your Eyes Only - Reprise - Vocal by Sheena Easton

Bonus Tracks

  1. Gunbarrel/Flowers For Teresa/Sinking The St. Georges
  2. Unfinished Business/Bond Meets Kristatos
  3. Ski....Shoot....Jump....
  4. Goodbye, Countess/No Head For Heights/Dining Alone
  5. Recovering The ATAC
  6. Sub Vs. Sub
  7. Run Them Down/The Climb

Duration: 58 mins 50 secs.

CD Number: RCD 10751

The third in the 'Deluxe Editions' of Bond soundtracks is one of my favourite non-Barry 007 movie scores. Mr Conti's interesting and varied music is still not dated after all these years. Like Barry, his music manages to remind us of locations & scenes and I am puzzled why he was never asked back. Singer Sheena Easton provides a memorable title song with the instrumental version used at many a beauty pageant. Apart from his romantic themes which are most relaxing, my favourite track still remains the exciting ski chase music called Runaway ( track 8 ) but it's good to have the upbeat & opening Gunbarrel ( track 13 ) now included.

Like The Living Daylights and unlike Octopussy editions, there is no original incidental dialogue from the film and sadly no multimedia ( was this due to DVDs at the time ? ). Also no fold-out poster to accompany the CD, instead the booklet ( see left ).

Despite being another must for any 007 fan to add to their Bond music collection ( in my case to replace a much played vinyl LP ), the presentation and content standard has sadly dropped on this release. If there was to have been a fourth edition, there had to have been an improvement in research and other content.