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For Your Eyes Only

Title: For Your Eyes Only
- Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
- Deluxe Edition (1981)
Distributor: Ryko CD Number: RCD 10751
The front movie poster cover is different layout to the vinyl album ( same Moore pose between legs but no movie artwork ) but the rear/inside is the back of the 16 page booklet with a full photo of bike & 007 on bobsleigh run. The booklet with notes by Chris Neel who reviews the original album but not the bonus tracks. He supplies, as previously, a track order listing to tie-in with the Moore movie along with some memorable color movie photos. On the rear is again different to vinyl album, a monotone photo of the car chase with added bar code, left track listings & top right movie credits. The silver CD has red centre circle with silver text. Removing CD shows photo of Moore about to kick the car off the cliff.

Tracks ...

  1. For Your Eyes Only
    - Vocal by Sheena Easton
  2. A Drive In The Country
  3. Take Me Home
    - Flugelhorn solo by Eddie Blair
  4. Melina's Revenge
  5. Gonzales Takes A Drive
  6. St. Cyril's Monastery
  7. Make It Last All Night
    - Vocal by "Rage"
  8. Runaway
  9. Submarine
  10. For Your Eyes Only
    - Flugelhorn Solo by Derek Watkins
  11. Cortina
  12. The P.M. Gets The Bird/For Your Eyes Only - Reprise
    - Vocal by Sheena Easton

  13. Bonus Tracks
  14. Gunbarrel/Flowers For Teresa/Sinking The St. Georges
  15. Unfinished Business/Bond Meets Kristatos
  16. Ski....Shoot....Jump....
  17. Goodbye, Countess/No Head For Heights/Dining Alone
  18. Recovering The ATAC
  19. Sub Vs. Sub
  20. Run Them Down/The Climb
Duration: 58 mins 50 secs.

The third in the 'Deluxe Editions' of Bond soundtracks is one of my favourite non-Barry 007 movie scores. Mr Conti's interesting and varied music is still not dated after all these years. Like Barry, his music manages to remind us of locations & scenes and I am puzzled why he was never asked back. Singer Sheena Easton provides a memorable title song with the instrumental version used at many a beauty pageant. Apart from his romantic themes which are most relaxing, my favourite track still remains the exciting ski chase music called Runaway ( track 8 ) but it's good to have the upbeat & opening Gunbarrel ( track 13 ) now included.

Like The Living Daylights and unlike Octopussy editions, there is no original incidental dialogue from the film and sadly no multimedia ( was this due to DVDs at the time ? ). Also no fold-out poster to accompany the CD, instead the booklet ( see left ).

Despite being another must for any 007 fan to add to their Bond music collection ( in my case to replace a much played vinyl LP ), the presentation and content standard has sadly dropped on this release. If there was to have been a fourth edition, there had to have been an improvement in research and other content.