Title: Goldfinger

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (1964)

CD - Goldfinger
Front CD cover opens out into 2 pages revealing blank white pages ? On the rear page is 5 b&w movie photos with right box movie credits with below track listings. This is repeated for back of casing with added bar code. The CD disc has gold label with silver title & black text.

Distributor: EMI USA

Tracks ...

  1. Main Title - Goldfinger ( sung by Shirley Bassey ) / Into Miami
  2. Alpine Drive / Auric's Factory
  3. Oddjob's Pressing Engagement
  4. Bond's Back In Action Again
  5. Teasing The Korean
  6. Gassing The Gangsters
  7. Goldfinger ( Instrumental Version )
  8. Dawn Raid On Fort Knox
  9. The Arrival Of The Bomb And Count Down
  10. The Death of Goldfinger - End Titles

Duration: 31 mins 20 secs.

NB. *CD runs 7 minutes less than the LP release.

CD Number: CDP-7-95345-2

This Bond classic CD has Welsh singer Shirley Bassey singing the most famous of the Bond songs. What more can you ask for than John Barry with his orchestral's best music except .. this CD version seems to be missing some tracks compared to the old vinyl version*. You have to admire his large score for its energy and pace which compliments 007's actions.

Three of the original 13 tracks Golden Girl, Pussy Galore's Flying Circus & The Laser Beam are missing ( how can you omit the last one from Goldfinger ! ). Another LP track called Death of Tilley is tagged on to Alpine Drive .. but added is a guitar version of the theme which I'm unable to match to my old album.

Despite short in listening time, essential for all 007 fans' music collections.