From Russia With Love

Title: From Russia With Love

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (1963)

Front CD cover opens out into 2 pages revealing blank white pages ? On the rear page is b&w movie artwork of Connery & gipsy girl with left side movie credits & right side track listings. This is repeated for back of casing with added bar code. The CD disc has white label with black text.

Distributor: EMI USA

Tracks ...

  1. Opening Titles: James Bond Is Back / From Russia With Love / James Bond Theme
  2. Tania Meets Klebb
  3. Meeting In St.Sophia
  4. The Golden Horn
  5. Girl Trouble
  6. Bond Meets Tania
  7. 007
  8. Gypsy Camp
  9. Death of Grant
  10. From Russia With Love ( sung by Matt Monroe )
  11. Spectre Island
  12. Guitar Lament
  13. Man Overboard - SMERSH In Action
  14. James Bond With Bongos
  15. Stalking
  16. Leila Dances
  17. Death Of Kerin
  18. 007 Takes The Lektor

Duration: 36 mins 57 secs.

CD Number: 0777 7 95344 2 5

A year after Dr. No, John Barry takes over the musical baton of 007's adventures. Matt Monroe's vocal of the romantic theme song lives on along with Barry's exciting score for From Russia .... Look out for the instrumental 007, not to be confused with the famous James Bond Theme, which accompanies this and many of Barry's future scores. His Bond music manages to capture the atmosphere of the different locations and enhance the exciting action scenes.

NB. CD cover has a square shot of Connery and the voluptuous Daniela Blanchi ( one of my favourite Bond girls ) compared to my vinyl LP cover which only shows a letterbox photo of the two stars.