Title: Moonraker

- Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (1979)

CD - Moonraker
The front movie poster cover is same as the vinyl album ( except red background for US version instead of black ) but the rear/inside is a different 12 mixed photos montage with movie credits & track listings layout to the original rear UK colour photo montage. This CD cover again opens to reveal blank white pages. On the rear casing is a smaller bottom right version of the rear album cover with added bar code & left track listings - no mention of singing artist ? The CD disc is just silver with black text.

Distributor: EMI Manhattan

Tracks ...

  1. Moonraker - Main Title
  2. Space Lazer Battle
  3. Miss Goodhead Meets Bond
  4. Cable Car And Snake Fight
  5. Bond Lured To Pyramid
  6. Flight Into Space
  7. Bond Arrives In Rio And Boat Chase
  8. Centrifuge And Corrine Put Down
  9. Bond Smells A Rat
  10. Moonraker - End Titles

Duration: 30 mins 45 secs.

CD Number: 0777 7 90620 2 7

Barry returns to aid 007's trip into Outer Space with much 'choir' type music to aid the action. It's not J B at his best with Shirley Bassey providing her vocals for the third time following Goldfinger & Diamonds ... On this album Miss Bassey, who I believe wasn't the first choice singer, provides a slow opening & ( slightly better ) up tempo ending versions of the theme song.

As this album with just 10 tracks lasting just over half an hour plods along until one can't wait for the ending. The composer even throws in his old 007 tune for the ... Boat Chase ( Track 7 ). May satisfy some sci-fi music fans but not this Bond fan. Alas Moonraker will remain one of the less played Bond soundtracks in your collection.