A View To A Kill

Title: A View To A Kill (1985)

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Excellent 10 page booklet with front CD movie poster cover and rear/inside cover of movie photos, small track listings & movie credits. Inside 4 pages of good notes from Jeff Bond covering the Bond movie & music history. The next to last inside page opens out into a double page of movie photos with another page of Moore photo on the Eiffel Tower with six categories above like The Villain. Final inside page has three columns of facts - track listings, recording details & reissue credits. Behind the CD placing is montage of 16 movie posters. The dark silver disc has silver 007 logo outline with small dark blue title label with silver text. Back CD cover has usual track listings and photo of Moore on the Golden Gate Bridge.

Distributor: EMI/Capitol Records

Tracks ...

  1. Main Title - A View To A Kill - Performed by Duran Duran
  2. Snow Job
  3. May Day Jumpers
  4. Bond Meets Stacey ( A View To A Kill )
  5. Pegasus' Stable
  6. Tibbett Washed Out
  7. Airship To Silicon Valley
  8. He's Dangerous
  9. Bond Underwater
  10. Wine With Stacey ( A View To A Kill )
  11. Bond Escapes Roller
  12. Destroy Silicon Valley
  13. May Day Bombs Out
  14. Golden Gate Fight
  15. End Title - A View To A Kill - Performed by Duran Duran

Duration: 38 mins 23 secs.

CD Number: 72435-41448-2-0

Remastered in 2002 as part of the 40th Anniversary celebration ( see The Best Of Bond ... ). Finally get my hands on John Barry's penultimate 007 movie score having missed out on the vinyl release.

Despite the quality, there's not much variety in his score with the composer mainly using two themes - one for action & another for romantic moments with Stacey which are instrumental versions of the main & end theme by pop group Duran Duran. The album is short in length and seems over before it's started ! There's no inclusion of The Beach Boys tune on the 2nd track or any oriental music for Bond & Ivanova's love tub scene. The James Bond Theme makes a brief appearance during the 3rd track.

Alas like Moore's final appearance in the movie not one of the composer's best but still needed to complete your collection.