The World Is Not Enough


The World Is Not Enough

Motion Picture Score (1999)

Inside cover opens out with letter box montage of photos with added track timings but disappointing disc world label.

Distributor: RadioActive/MCA

Tracks ...

  1. The World Is Not Enough performed by Garbage
  2. Show Me The Money
  3. Come In 007, Your Time Is Up
  4. Access Denied
  5. M's Confession
  6. Welcome To Baku
  7. Casino
  8. Ice Bandits
  9. Elektra's Theme
  10. Body Double
  11. Going Down - The Bunker
  12. Pipeline
  13. Remember Pleasure
  14. Caviar Factory
  15. Torture Queen
  16. I Never Miss
  17. Submarine
  18. Christmas In Turkey
  19. Only Myself To Blame performed by Scott Walker
  20. US Movie Trailer
  21. ( Enhanced Bonus Track )

Duration: 63 mins 03 secs.

CD Number: 112 161-2

Here's my look at the 2nd Bond Soundtrack by David Arnold ...

  1. Good opening theme with Shirley Manson's vocals, a welcome improvement on Crow's Tomorrow and nearly as good as Lang's Surrender.
  2. Opening music for Bilbao escape with plenty of pace & blast of James Bond Theme (JBT).
  3. The best track with fast music for mixture of old & new for the boat chase with plenty of 'wah-wah' trombones & JBT prompting and varied with guitar version.
  4. Nice slow, short atmospheric ( 'water-dropping' effect ) track.
  5. Quiet sympathetic orchestrations for short track.
  6. Low key opening of JBT mixed into Turkish-feel aided by singer, a sort of 'James goes on a mission' track with instrumental of 1.
  7. Slow jazz band track with use of flute, trombone, drums & piano gives night club feel - see 19.
  8. Well paced up-tempo music for ski chase.
  9. More orchestral version of 7 with piano featured for this love theme track.
  10. Turkish drum feel for this medium tempo track ( similar to one of Serra's GoldenEye tracks ).
  11. Plenty of heavy piano and then pace picks up with large prompting orchestrations for racing climatic escape.
  12. Time ticking track with early piano stressing urgency, imagine a locomotive train for music pace.
  13. Distant piano opening with hints of 9 with rambling orchestra.
  14. Turkish opening, large orchestrations, pace picks up with up-tempo 'drummed' JBT*, more prompting back to large score with more classic JBT and mixed with drum 'n' bass ending.
  15. More atmospheric music with a tinkling on the ivories for this slow track mixed briefly with 9.
  16. Loud brass orchestrations but disappointing track.
  17. Big opening for longest track ( 10 mins ), plenty of trumpets, pace moves along with 'quasi' effects and loud score. This accompanying music almost struggles to a halt but seven minutes in, it picks up with drum based prompting to conclude with final minute of hint of J B Theme.
  18. Short light piano piece love theme reminiscent of Barry's piano work for OHMSS & Diamonds.
  19. Vocal version of 7 with Scott Walker crooning in great style, imagine a smoky night club setting with singer in tux, open shirt, hanging bow-tie, cigarette or drink in one hand and microphone in other. Shame not used for the movie as not on ending credits.
  20. Nice puzzle poster opens with 1 on your PC, then run the 2 minute US trailer. Note use of background music from Tomorrow ( parts of tracks 2 & 13).

* It's a pity that there is not a separate drummed up JBT track. TWINE's soundtrack is improved by better opening theme and is good overall but at this moment not better than Arnold's efforts with Tomorrow.

Still a must for your Bond collection.