Title: Octopussy

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

- Deluxe Edition (1983)

CD - Octopussy (US)
CD - Octopussy  (UK)
The front is the US movie poster cover with the rear/inside is the UK vinyl album cover. This 16 square foldout booklet comes with notes by Lukas Kendall and Geoff Leonard who look at the movie's history and story notes supplemented with photos & 8 square poster. The rear casing has full photo of a 'standing Moore at the checkpoint' with left track listings and bottom movie credits & bar code. The silver CD has blue centre circle with silver text. Removing CD shows photo of Moore hanging on under train.

Distributor: Ryko

Tracks ...

  1. All Time High - Rita Coolidge
  2. Bond Look Alike
  3. Miss Penelope*
  4. 09 Gets The Knife and Gorbinda Attacks
  5. That's My Little Octopussy
  6. Arrival At The Island Of Octopussy
  7. Introducing Mr Bond*
  8. Bond At The Monsoon Palace
  9. Bond Meets Octopussy
  10. Poison Pen*
  11. Yo Yo Fight and Death of Vijay
  12. The Chase Bomb Theme
  13. The Palace Fight
  14. All Time High

*Original incidental dialogue from the film

Duration: 37 mins 16 secs.

CD Number: RCD 10705

This Deluxe Edition contains the same ( not his best Bond ) original soundtrack by 'The Man' - John Barry but you also get some movie dialogue thrown in along with a multimedia Bond movie trailer ( duration of nearly 2 mins ). Singer Rita Coolidge opens and closes the album with a memorable Bond theme song but you do feel that Barry is going through the 'slow' motions with this soundtrack which includes James Bond Theme moments.

As always a must for any 007 fan, the excellent foldout allows a choice of front CD album covers as seen left. It was good to see the Bond music collection being released in this interesting '97 format. It's was a shame not a bit more music ( extra tracks ) was included like the other Deluxes - FYEO & TLD.