Diamonds Are Forever

Title: Diamonds Are Forever

Original Motion Picture Score (1971)

The front movie poster cover has rear/inside text with movie credits & bottom track listings which are reproductions of the original vinyl album. On the rear casing is the same rear album cover with added bar code. A standard silver disc with black text & yellow middle 007 label ( like for Dr. No ).

Distributor: EMI Records USA

Tracks ...

  1. Diamonds Are Forever (Main Title) ( sung by Shirley Bassey )
  2. Bond Meets Bambi And Thumber
  3. Moon Buggy Ride
  4. Circus, Circus
  5. Death At The Whyte House
  6. Diamonds Are Forever
  7. Diamonds Are Forever
  8. Bond Smells A Rat
  9. Tiffany Case
  10. 007 And Counting
  11. To Hell With Blofeld

Duration: 34 mins 25 secs.

CD Number: 0777 7 96209 2 0

Bringing an end to Connery's EON Bond reign, this is not one of Barry's best outings for 007 despite a memorable theme sung again by Shirley Goldfinger Bassey.

I felt Barry peaked with O.H.M.S.S., there is more 'lounge' music using the main theme. The re-introduction again of Barry's 007 Theme called 007 and Counting showed a lack of new music. The rest supplements Connery's actions in Las Vegas but alas it never gets me excited nor the rear album design - disappointing after O.H.M.S.S.

Yes it's a must for the Bond collection but I bet that Diamonds .... will be the least played of your 007 soundtracks.

The reason there are 2 DAF tracks together is because track 7 on the vinyl album was track 1 side 2.