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Background: I used to write for fun a weekly tv & film page and this was my 'special' edition about James Bond 007.

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Edition: 5 ( OK every Sunday ... )

Dateline: 20th October 1996

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The Bonds

As promised last week, tomorrow sees the release of GoldenEye for video purchase at the shops. I've yet to see the £250,000 commercial which features Bond character, Q ( aka actor Desmond Llewelyn ) and with no movie clips (?). So I hoping that MGM/UA Home Video release the widescreen version immediately. This is not due to owning a wide-screen tv but because the detail and quality is so much better,that I recommend that you check out some past Bond epics.

Steve's 5 to Watch / Listen

This week's choice is two lists of personal Bond favourites.

A) The Movies

Placing / Film Title / Comments

1) From Russia With Love

So close to Ian Fleming's book and Connery at his 007 best. Daniela Bianchi still high on my fave Bond babes.

2) O.H.M.S.S.

Sticks closely again to Fleming's book and Diana Rigg is excellent as classy Tracey. Lazenby ( less many gadgets ) is underrated and not given enough credit as Bond.

3) The Living Daylights

Bond finally grows up and this is due to Dalton's portrayal of the super agent. Great opening sequence in Gibraltar.

4) For Your Eyes Only

The best of the Moore series with great locations and crazy stunts.

5) Dr. No

Made in '62 and still packs a punch with the introduction of our brave hero and those legendary words "the name's ..." .

Also the memory of Ursula Andress on the beach and if this doesn't get you to Jamaica nothing will !! On my visit none of the local bands sang " Underneath the mango tree ... "


B) The Songs

Placing / Song /Title /Artist /Comments

1) We Have All The Time In The World from O.H.M.S.S.

Louis Armstrong

Great ballad played endlessly on London radio stations due partly due to a certain Guinness commercial.

2) The Living Daylights


Despite problems John Barry had with the group, my surprise no.2 had great expectations and an interesting middle arrangement.

3) For Your Eyes Only

Sheena Easton

The instrumental was used for many a beauty contest ( ah those were the days .. ) but I believe that Sheena remains the only singer to appear in the opening titles.

4) Goldfinger

Shirley Bassey

When people think of Bond music , they think of this tune and the James Bond theme. Great orchestral opening with Bassey at her best and she scored a hat-trick of Bond songs with Diamonds Are Forever and Moonraker.

5) Live And Let Die

Paul McCartney & Wings

McCartney's arrangement with George Martin adds extra excitement to Moore's first outing as 007.

Bond memories ... having seen most of the previous Bond films as double features in Lewisham ( South East London ), my first trip to London's West End with my mum on a rainy afternoon was to see O.H.M.S.S. at the Odeon, Leicester Square. Having arrived half way through the movie, just before the ski-chase from Piz Gloria, I became thoroughly hooked on the character and Barry's music. The album soundtrack became a must buy and this was the start of my Bond music collection. The series owes a great debt to composer, John Barry who went on to receive Oscars for Born Free and Out of Africa.

John Barry

Bond Clubs .. I'm not a great believer in fan clubs, there are many now who advertise on the Internet . Several years ago I joined The James Bond 007 Fan Club* run by Club President, Graham Rye. With his enthusiasm, the club puts on annual events, mainly at Pinewood Studios. The club provides an excellent colour magazine ( which is purchased at most fanzine shops ).


The James Bond 007 Fan Club & Archive

*NB. Since writing this item I am no longer a member of the JBIFC although I have occasional contact with them.

George Lazenby

Funny moment .. while attending one of these events, Graham Rye asked George Lazenby, the special guest, one of my submitted questions enquiring about funny moments during filming O.H.M.S.S. George told us about the story of the German sausage that was taped by the film crew to his left leg during the dining scene at Piz Gloria. If you remember the scene when a lovely lady lipsticks the room number 8 on his leg. To do this, she needed to lift up his Scottish kilt . All I will say is 'quelle surprise' for the actress. Meanwhile George was well received by the Bond fans and he came across as a really nice guy.

And finally .. GoldenEye , see the film, see the video, hear the song, visit the web-site. Described by the critics as a Bond for the Nineties, Pierce Brosnan made an impressive debut as 007. We will see with Bond 18 if he continues the success. The Producers have a more media friendly Bond, with no disrespect to Dalton. Take Brosnan's guest appearance on last Friday's Muppets Tonight sending himself up, something Dalton would not do during his reign as 007.

So enjoy the video ( whether rented or purchased ).

One thing is for sure James Bond 007 will return ...

***007 Special *** 007 Special ***

Bye ... till the next one with our usual look at tv, film & video !


Pierce Brosnan