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Poster - Skyfall

World Royal Charity Premiere:
23rd Oct' 2012
Royal Albert Hall, London.

Poster 3 - Skyfall

UK Release: 

Friday 26th Oct' 2012.
US Release:
Friday 9th Nov' 2012. 

Poster 2 - Skyfall

Was it the most successful British film ever - having grossed over $304 million ? Daniel Craig returns in his 3rd outing as 007 presumed dead after an opening & breathtaking bike chase in Istanbul and falling off a train roof after agent Eve ( Naomie Harris ) is told by M to "Take the bloody shot !".

Following an orchestrated terrorist attack on MI6 headquarters which M & Tanner ( Rory Kinnear ) watch helplessly from the nearby bridge. The identities of undercover agents are exposed around the world. So after a beach holiday Bond returns to London with MI6 compromised and his boss M ( Judi Dench ) threatened. As head of British Intelligence, she must think about improving her home alarm system as James breaks in again after his earlier uninvited apartment appearance in CR despite "reporting for duty". The trail leads to a rogue operative who has a personnel vendetta against the intelligence organisation's leader.

With plenty of explosions, a death that rocks 007 to the core and a creepy cyber-villain ( but best to date for Dan ) Raoul Silva played by Spanish actor Javier Barden. A battered and bruised 007 comes full circle as Silva's cat-and-mouse game leads him back to his childhood home in Scotland called Skyfall. To avoid journey tracking Bond brings his old DB5 out of retirement and on setting out threatens passenger M with the red button. There is a genuine emotional connection between Bond and M and a taut climax with guns blazing plus throw in a large helicopter too with old scores settled but at a cost.

So Skyfall has plenty to offer to celebrate the franchise's 50th Anniversary. Singer Adele's multi award winning title song adds to newcomer Thomas Newman's score bring a new feel to the movie. Praised Sam Mendes' direction introduces us to a new younger Q played by Ben Whishaw and the aforementioned Eve who becomes the new Moneypenny to replacement M ( Ralph Fiennes ) who after a frosty first meeting earns Bond's respect during a hearing shootout. Fans bemoan the famous gun barrel being left to the closing titles but as we all know JAMES BOND WILL RETURN.

I'm back - Skyfall

On yer bike - Skyfall

New Q for 007 - Skyfall

Getting to know you - Skyfall

On the London run - Skyfall

Just the 2 of us - Skyfall

Blu-ray - Skyfall

UK Release:
18th Feb' 2013

This Two-Disc Edition of the movie contains the blu-ray version on one disc and the second a dvd & digital versions.

Under the Extras menu you get an hour documentary called Shooting Bond broken down into an intro about Skyfall (Press Conference) Launch in November 2011 and 13 segments ( played all or separately ) titled with the 007 gun barrel and usual contributions from Mendes, Craig, Broccoli, Wilson & co. ...

  1. The Death of Bond
  2. Working the Titles
  3. The Return of James Bond 007
  4. Back to Basics Q
  5. Behind the Wheel DB5
  6. The Good, The Bad & The Beautiful Women
  7. In the Shadows Villains
  8. Action !
  9. Licence to Travel Locations
  10. The Sound of Bond Music
  11. The Beginning of The End The End Sequence
  12. Changes The Death of M
  13. New Beginnings The Future
Also found are a short promo for the music soundtrack, a short 3 minute report of the Skyfall  World Premiere and sadly only one theatrical trailer. For the audio alternatives, one by director Mendes or another by producers Wilson & Broccoli and designer Dennis Gassner. Overall enough to satisfy most most Bond fans.
Nice suit 007 -Skyfall