Tomorrow Never Dies

Title: Tomorrow Never Dies

Motion Picture Score (1997)

Inside cover folds out into 3 pages - front CD cover & 2 pages of movies photos with rear page of track listings & credits. Has a red 007 theme disc label.

Distributor: A&M Records. Inc.

Tracks ...

  1. Sheryl Crow "Tomorrow Never Dies"
  2. "White Knight"
  3. "The Sinking of the Devonshire"
  4. "Company Car"
  5. "Station Break"
  6. "Paris and Bond"
  7. "The Last Goodbye"
  8. "Hamburg Break In"
  9. "Hamburg Break Out"
  10. "Doctor Kaufman"
  11. "*-3-Send"
  12. "Underwater Discovery"
  13. "Backseat Driver"
  14. k.d.lang "Surrender"
  15. Moby "James Bond Theme"

Duration: 53 mins 53 secs.

CD Number: 540 830 2

Snapped up this Bond bargain of David Arnold's great music soundtrack in a Putney record store sale many years ago. Shame it starts off with the 'whine-ing' Sheryl Crow's title song but ends with the brilliant Moby's James Bond Theme ( I just love the big instrumental break in the techno track ) with the added Connery & Brosnan dialogue.

The album includes k.d. lang's Surrender end title song which is just miles better than Crow's tune. That leaves you with the instrumental stuff from Arnold, he starts off in classic Bond - Barry music mode and moves through the ages to the Nineties. Being a bit of a romantic, I like his Paris & Bond love theme and his use of pace with the action stuff incorporating the James Bond Theme on the best instrumental track 13.

Tomorrow .. is the best Bond soundtrack for ages - a must buy !