Dr. No

Title: Dr. No

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (1962)

CD - Dr. No
Front CD cover opens out into 2 pages revealing b&w double page 007 logo with left page track listings and on rear b&w film poster hailing THE FIRST JAMES BOND FILM ADVENTURE ( repeated on back of CD casing with track listings ). A standard silver disc with black text & pink middle 007 label.

Distributor: EMI Records USA

Tracks ...

  1. James Bond Theme
  2. Kingston Calypso
  3. Jamaican Rock
  4. Jump Up
  5. Audio Bongo
  6. Under The Mango Tree
  7. Twisting With James
  8. Jamaica Jazz
  9. Under The Mango Tree
  10. Jump Up
  11. Dr. No's Fantasy
  12. Kingston Calypso
  13. The Island Speaks
  14. Under The Mango Tree
  15. The Boy's Chase
  16. Dr. No's Theme
  17. The James Bond Theme
  18. Love At Last

Duration: 39 mins 17 secs.

CD Number: CDP-7-96210-2

Back to where it all began with Monty Norman and his soundtrack for the big guy's first outing in Dr. No. It may be early Sixties but those Jamaican vibes are there to be listen to along with the famous James Bond Theme aided by John Barry & his orchestra.

You could still use the track Jump Up at your next party and if you don't sing Under the Mango Tree on your next Caribbean trip, you'll be shot !

Nice publicity still of Miss Andress & the other guy for the cover.