The Spy Who Loved Me

Title: The Spy Who Loved Me

Original Motion Picture Score (1977)

The front movie poster cover has rear/inside text with top track listings, brief movie credits & 6 b&w photo montage which are not reproductions of the original vinyl album. Cover opens to reveal left side musical credits, a silver 007 logo is printed on both pages. This b&w layout with blue & white titles is repeated on the rear casing with added bar code. There is a standard silver disc with black text & yellow middle 007 label ( like for Dr. No ).

Distributor: EMI Records USA

Tracks ...

  1. Nobody Does It Better ( Vocalist: Carly Simon )
  2. Bond 77 ( James Bond Theme )
  3. Ride To Atlantis
  4. Mojave Club
  5. Nobody Does It Better ( Instrumental )
  6. Anya
  7. The Tanker
  8. The Pyramids
  9. Eastern Lights
  10. Conclusion
  11. End Titles - Nobody Does It Better ( Vocalist: Carly Simon )

Duration: 36 mins 17 secs.

CD Number: 0777 7 96211 2 5

While taking over the Bond musical baton, composer Marvin Hamlisch brings his theatre ( Chorus Line ) & movie experience ( The Way We Were & The Sting ) to the world of 007. His score captures the panoramic Pyramids of Egypt and his upbeat new James Bond Theme re-titled Bond 77 for the opening ski chase is entertaining. Carly Simon's rendition of a memorable 007 song adds to the score but it's a shame the naval choir version used in the movie's ending isn't included.

Still The Spy Who Loved Me is a must for the Bond collection.

NB. As explained left, this US version cover is different and not a scratch on UK double opening vinyl cover with more colour movie stills.