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Other: The Best Of Bond ... James Bond

Title: The Best Of Bond ... James Bond (2002) Distributor: Capitol CD Number: 72435-40554-2-3
Excellent 20 page booklet as mentioned right with front CD cover and rear/inside cover of TMWTGG promotion photo of Moore, Ekland & Adams. Behind CD placing is montage of 16 movie posters. The black disc label has blue line 007 logo and white title lettering.

Tracks ...

  1. James Bond Theme ( From Dr. No )
    Monty Norman Orchestra
  2. Goldfinger
    Shirley Bassey
  3. Nobody Does It Better ( From The Spy Who Loved Me )
    Carly Simon
  4. A View To A Kill ( From A View To A Kill )
    Duran Duran
  5. For Your Eyes Only
    Sheena Easton
  6. We Have All The Time In The World ( From O.H.M.S.S. )
    Louis Armstrong
  7. Live And Let Die
    Paul McCartney & Wings
  8. All Time High ( From Octopussy )
    Rita Coolidge
  9. The Living Daylights
  10. Licence To Kill
    Gladys Knight
  11. From Russia With Love
    Matt Monroe
  12. Thunderball
    Tom Jones
  13. You Only Live Twice
    Nancy Sinatra
  14. Moonraker
    Shirley Bassey
  15. On Her Majesty's Secret Service
    The John Barry Orchestra
  16. The Man With The Golden Gun
  17. Diamonds Are Forever
    Shirley Bassey
  18. GoldenEye
    Tina Turner
  19. Tomorrow Never Dies
    Sheryl Crow
  20. The World Is Not Enough
  21. James Bond Theme ( From Tomorrow Never Dies )
  22. James Bond Theme ( GoldenEye Trailer Version )
Duration:  71 mins 25 secs.

Released in 2002 ( pre-DAD ) as part of the 40th Anniversary celebration this compilation CD is an updated version of the 30th CD. It's has the same running order with 2 tracks deleted ( Warwick's Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Barry's 007 Theme ) and five ending tracks added with the final one being GoldenEye's film trailer music released for the first time.

L A's Danny Biederman has updated his previous '91 contribution for the insert booklet with the new movies. Instead of Cubby Broccoli providing the opening paragraph, Michael Wilson & Barbara Broccoli now add a few lines. Also this time there are plenty of colour movie stills including an extra four page fold-out with Bond Girls and the 5 Bonds.

For a newcomer to the world of Bond music this is an excellent introduction. Despite having all the tracks bar the mentioned final one it's still a must for the collection especially if you pick it up like I did reduced in a record store sale.

As 007 once asked "Do you expect me to talk ?" No I expect you all to listen and enjoy !