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Author: Steve Cole

Bond Books Reviews: Steve Cole
  1. Young Bond - Shoot To Kill ( 2014 ) 
    Published by: Doubleday Books
    Shoot To Kill
    S T K - rear

    The Young Bond series baton started by Charlie Higson is handed to Steve Cole. The book has a black & silver text cover and rear silver & black text includes quote of .. Before the Man Became the Legend, Before the Boy Became the Man with added YOUNG BOND WILL RETURN.
    First chapter opens with a strange killing in Los Angeles by Mac & The Kid. Meanwhile Young James Bond is back after his expulsion from Eton and sent to Darlington Hall, a relaxed, quiet school in the countryside or is it ? It meant as a break before being sent to Fettes in Scotland by his aunt. But his plans for a peaceful summer are never realised after he accidentally receives a rather gruesome and deadly film reel which runs through the narrative.
    After a car rush by James to catch up, he joins the school trip, led by head teacher Gillian, in an airship to the film studios of Los Angeles where he and his friends Hugo, Dan and Boudicca (aka Boody) become woven into a dark web of murder, revenge and conspiracy, all set within the mysterious world of Hollywood cinema. So why the invite by movie mogul Anton Kostler, owner of Allworld Studios and the baddie in this adventure ? His son Martyn, no angel is not helping matters. After a car ambush James encounters Tori Wo, a LA journalist who is out to get that gangster ring scoop. Other questions to be asked, what is Queenmarsh & Zelda and who is the mysterious Fedora Man ?
    So this book, priced at £12.99, (now out in cheaper paperback) with 296 pages of large text and a rear page acknowledgment left me satisfied but not over excited. Inside the front & rear covers, there is an artist impression of the airship and also opening 2 pages of maps showing story locations: Totnes to Cardington (car journey) and London to Los Angeles (airship journey). Still not sure if a younger reader will get caught up in this first Young Bond outing by this new writer especially when compared to the 'real world' of current action movies. Worth a library read to decide.