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Also, CLICK HERE to view Cuyahoga Falls SD expectations for online learning and HERE for a student-friendly version.

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Important Updates

FROM 8 AM - 3 PM ON SCHOOL DAYS, contact your CTIS or Media Specialist to setup On Demand Office Hours to Meet at this link.

The Classroom Technology Integration and Media Specialists will be offering on demand Office Hours to answer your questions.

If you join from a device with a microphone/webcam, you will be able speak with us directly. However if you join from a device without them, you can still use the chat feature. We are here to support you!

Online Instruction Office Hour

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Online Instruction Q&A

Please use the Q&A discussion board to ask and help answer questions related to online instruction.

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Security issues

As we are moving online please make sure that all of your accounts are secure.

Is that student joining my class? Make sure that it is not a bot by having them show video and use audio.

How to change your email password in Webmail

Teacher Chromebooks 💻

To make sure that you are charging your chromebook correctly, please make sure to use the port on the right side of the computer. It has a light next to the port; amber when charging and white when fully charged.

Visit the One to One Information page to learn more. (TL)

PD Opportunities 🎓

Phishing Scams Reminders 🎣

March 19, 2020

Please read the notice on our webpages regarding Student Information and Privacy. You should ONLY respond to parent/guardian requests for information when they are using the parent email address associated with the child’s Progressbook/DASL account. Other rogue email addresses that are not so associated could be coming from ANY source. Please do not make the mistake of giving an unauthorized person information. This applies to ALL student information requests, regardless of the COVID-19 crisis.

I know many of you are trying to be helpful and expedient, but our legal requirements of student privacy have not been waved in any form.

Please be careful!

I am going to ask Chris Shaw to put out a notice on Progressbook saying the same.

Thanks and be safe,

James Marras

Reading Aloud Online & Copyright 📙

When using anyone else's work it's important to remember that the owner of any copyrighted work has the sole right to any derivatives and their distribution. While many people are recording themselves reading books and posting them on various social media sites, this is illegal unless they have received permission from the copyright holder. The United States Copyright Office has published a circular entitled: Reproduction of Copyrighted Works by Educators and Librarians. . This report references the Copyright Act of 1976 as well as several subsequent congressional reports. This report outlines exclusive rights of the copyright owner including that of derivative works and distribution (copyright section 106). The same circular also addresses Fair Use (copyright section 107).

When an item is posted for online education, there are strict requirements as to who can access the items, how long they may remain posted and how many copies may be made among others. These items are covered under the TEACH Act of 2002. The Copyright Clearance Center has issued a two page publication outlining what is and is not allowed under the law: If you would like to read the actual Senate Bill it can be found at:

Now the good news is that many authors, publishers and librarians have been working to loosen copyright restrictions for reading online. Below are links to some options you have if you would like your students to listen to read alouds. This topic continues to change and as we receive additional information we will update it here. If you have a specific book you would like to read, check with the publisher and ask for permission.(KG)

As everyone has begun to teach virtually the publishers are beginning to allow online read alouds with certain restrictions. Here are a list of publishers and authors giving temporary permission to use their work. (TL & KG)

Follow Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems weekdays at 1 pm. (KG)

Authors working with the Wernick & Pratt Agency have issued this statement for utilizing their work online. (KG)

Kate Messner has created a website of videos of authors and illustrators reading their own books. (KG)

The Authors Everywhere YouTube channel has been created to showcase authors and their work including them reading their own books. (KG)

Pernille Ripp has curated a list of approved read alouds. (KG)

Harper Kids @HarperChildrens has a live read aloud every day on Twitter at noon EST. (KG)

Our new SORA ebook app has lots of eAudiobooks students can borrow. These are individual checkouts by student Google account so children may each have different titles. More information can be found at: (KG)

Penguin Random House has issued a temporary open license for read alouds. Please read the entire page as there are many requirements if you choose to read a Penguin Random House book to your students via video. (KG)

Here is a listing of authors who are offering online services such as read alouds and drawing with kids. (KG)

And this tweet from Jason Reynolds from March 16th, 2020:

Jason Reynolds


Mar 16

FOR EVERYONE (TEACHERS) ASKING ABOUT RECORDING READINGS OF THE BOOKS: I just checked with MY publisher, and they said it’s technically not allowed, BUT as long as you can keep it somewhere only students can access, (like your own channel on YT) it’s fine. (KG)

Online Management Systems ⌨

Direct Instruction Recordings ▶

  • School Video Camera app- easily use your webcam and microphone, and save your video to Google Drive for easily sharing (AO).
  • Screencastify- easily record your screen for voice over lessons (AO).
      • If you are using a Chromebook, you may need to change some settings to do recordings (4/1/20-AO)
      • We now have Unlimited access through April 30 (3/30/20-AO).
        • To activate Screencastify Unlimited access, follow these instructions:
        • Visit this page and click "Redeem coupon" (under the Next Billing Date)
        • Enter code CAST_COVID
        • Click "Activate License" (no credit card required). Ignore the Next Billing Date - that will be incorrect
        • Here's a quick video that demonstrates these steps.
  • Loom- capture your screen, voice, and face and instantly share your video in less time than it would take to type an email.
  • WeVideo- with the current upgrade, you can utilize the screen recording tool, annotate, and do powerful editing for professional videos.
  • Youtube- easily upload recorded videos (AO).

Online Instruction ✏

  • Flipgrid- Group interaction tool. (AO).
  • Readworks- reading comprehension instruction (AO).
  • CommonLit- instructional materials to support literacy development (AO).
  • NewsELA- non-fiction articles that meet students at their level (AO).
  • EdPuzzle- embed questions into videos (AO).
      • All registered teachers with a verified email address are already upgraded. Any other teacher in your school who hasn't been upgraded or hasn't registered to Edpuzzle yet, can log in or sign up through this link and will get automatically upgraded (3/30-AO).
  • Have students develop digital skills through some of these online classroom applications (AO).
  • Flinn Scientific offers an at-home lab series showcasing live lab experiments and posting the archives for later viewing. (KG)
  • Vooks- brings children's books to life with animated illustrations, read-a-long text and narrated story (3/28-AO)-
  • How does copyright affect teaching online? Check out this blog: TEACHing from a Distance and Copyright Considerations from the Library of Congress which discusses the TEACH Act. (4/1-KG)
  • Looking to improve your student engagement with digital text? Try some of these tips for using Guiding Questions or some of these tools for Close Reading with Chrome Extensions (4/20 -KG)

Host Live Lessons or Meetings 🎧

Google Tutorials 💻

Resources to Build Lessons 🔦

  • Variety of resources to assist with your online teaching. (TL)
  • Learn how to use augmented reality form local company, New Territory. (4/18 TL)
  • Teach coding (4/18 TL)
  • Assess 788 online interactive ebooks through Follett Lightbox ebook collection free through August 1st, 2020. (4/3 KG)
  • Access free ebooks, eaudiobooks and other resources such as virtual author visits through Junior Library Guild at JLG@Home. (4/3 KG)
  • Looking to teach a lesson about pandemics? Author Gail Jarrow has written several nonfiction books on the topic and discusses each in this short YouTube Trailer. All three can be found in Sora's Ohio Digital Library for checkout. (4/20 - KG)

Online Assessment ✔

  • Assistments- students receive immediate feedback and guidance on math assignments (AO).
  • GoFormative- view students live responses (AO).
  • NoRedInk- interactive and adaptive grammar program that provides immediate feedback (AO).
  • Kahoot- student-paced games that can be played anywhere (AO).
  • Classkick- see all your students working and give high-quality feedback–from anywhere (AO).
  • Commenting in Google- use the comment feature to provide feedback to your students (AO).
  • Google Forms

Additional Resources 📄

Online Lesson Plans ✍

Communicating with Students 🗣

Daily Check-ins (CC)

Using Google Hangouts for Phone Calls

Working with EL æ

  • Telephone Interpretation Service Directions provided by Courtney Lewis (Marcucci) (3/29- KG)
  • For parents who read in their native language, but may have limited access to internet or a computer, Talking Points ( is an excellent free tool to use. (3/29- KG)
  • "Procedures for Working Effectively with Interpreters in Virtual Meetings." It includes information for requesting an interpreter as well as procedures for before, during, and after virtual meetings. Provided by Courtney Lewis (4/17-AO).
  • Google Classroom tutorials in 10 languages.

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