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One Great Resource

Using Technology to Support Teaching and Learning

The Ohio Assessments for Educators (OAE) Initial Licensure program assesses the content-area and professional (pedagogical) knowledge of candidates who are seeking initial Ohio educator licensure or adding a new licensure area.

These resources are not only part of the Computer/Technology (Subtests I & II) for endorsement to teach Educational Technology (CTIS) and Career Tech, but are applicable to daily teaching practice, regardless of curriculum, when using technology to support teaching and learning. ~JM & CC

One New Idea

During Google Earth Walks, students will engage in real world problem solving as they work their way through a virtual tour on Google Earth. ~RW

One Strategy to Try

"When others will see what students do, they want it to be good. When I, as their teacher, am the only audience for their work; they want it to be good enough." ~Rushton Hurley 2010

One strategy to get students to invest more time and effort into their work, is to increase the number of people who will see it. Check out Student Treasures to get started publishing student's work! ~CC

One Useful Tech Tip

Need to change the text level of a passage? Try http://rewordify.com/. This free website allows users to enter text and the app will adjust the reading level for you. It also provides definitions for words it replaces so students learn the words which have been replaced. ~KG

One video to watch

Checkout Spell Up with Google for a fun, challenging, interactive game to enhance spelling, pronunciation, and word recognition. ~AO