The value of GEMBA is to go and see for yourself

Post date: Nov 7, 2014 12:41:23 PM

When you have seen it yourself, you can start asking the right questions.

In any improvement initiative or change there is a need to understand and ask questions. One really important thing is to not listen to others but make up your own mind. Also GEMBA can be used to follow a flow to find problems or possibilities.

What is GEMBA? Here is a link to wikipedia about GEMBA but to put it short it is:

- Observe – Collect facts on; waste, variation, improvements.

- Ask – To understand why it is done like “that” – Root-Cause.

- Know – Interview the person who knows the task the best, ask for advice.

There are some different GEMBA-models; Hawthorne (interact – observe change), Ohno’s chalk-circle (no interaction – observe and reflect) and Go See-Gemba (Show interest – collect facts – observe). To learn how to do it and adopt a model that suits you personally is the main thing. Go to a training or get yourself a GEMBA coach and start today.

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