Lean KATA and why it is important!

Post date: Nov 6, 2014 9:21:35 AM

The importance of direction in any endeavour.

If you want to change you need to have the direction set before you start. It is like driving a big ship, once you have it going it will take time to change the course so you better start doing the navigation before you leave the doc, AND make sure that everyone on the bridge knows the final destination so no-one will take the wrong decisions during their watch!

Lean KATA can be visualized like this:


This is a simple technique (when you know how to do it) but it takes som practice and also testing to make it happen in an organization. That is why you need to get some help the first, second and maybe third time you do it yourself.

Either you go for a training session and then find a coach, or you bring in a "Lean KATA" coach to guide you through and implement a Lean KATA that is tailored for your organization.

We at PDLA.se stick our necks out and tell you that we can help you either with the training and the coaching or the coaching and tailoring. Contact us at info@pdla.se and we will get back to you.