At Husson University's Counseling Services Center we provide individual, group, and couples counseling to all Husson students. These services are free and confidential.  


The primary mission of the Husson Counseling Services Center (HCS),  located at 214 Peabody Hall, is to assist students in their pursuit of success.  In order to do this, counselors help students use their strengths and resources to overcome barriers and to develop new strategies to improve mood, relationships and performance.

Sometimes we experience difficult moments in which we can't quite figure out how to proceed.  We may think that there is no good solution, or we may feel 'stuck.' Here at HCS, staff provide an objective, supportive service in which students can better understand the sources of their problems and identify ways to solve them.

Husson Counseling Services understands the value of community and works with organizations, clubs, teams, faculty and residential groups to improve communication among members and to help groups work as a team in order to achieve optimum outcomes.  In addition, Counseling Services can assist in the development of programs, presentations and workshops on a number of topics including: performance improvement, stress management, healthy lifestyles, relationships and conflict resolution, alcohol and substance abuse, diversity, sexuality and orientations/identification, violence, suicide and mood disorders.