(New) Google Sites

The new (as of 2018) Google Sites are a significant leap forward from the old ones (now called 'Classic Sites'). The new sites far easier to use, albeit with far less control; but this lack of control (and options) is exactly what makes them so intuitive to use.

You can access the New Google Sites via the Google Grid and clicking on the Sites icon, (displayed at the top of this page).

The main difference, other than being way easier to use, is that they don't support commenting, and they are a little confusing when it comes to publishing and sharing.

To get a link you can share with your audience, you need to view the published site, as shown above. Then you'll be able to see/copy the share link which is generally relatively short and had '/home' at the end of the URL. Like this link to this site is:


Publish & Share

Sites save automatically, but unlike say a Google Doc, those edits are not automatically visible to anyone you've shared the link to the published site with.

Share with editors

Just like a Google Doc, you only need to explicitly share the site with individuals if you want them to be able to edit the site, for audiences who are not editors, all they need is the link to view the published site.

Publish for your audience

Changes to the site are saved, but not visible publicly until you publish, this can be handy, as you might be making edits that you're not ready for people to see yet, so you can control when those edits are visible by publishing when you're ready.

Check Share Settings

Just like Google Docs, before you send out the public link to your site, make sure people have the permission to view it first, for most intents and purposes, anyone can find and view is probably the most useful setting.