Notes from the President – October 2019

Post date: Oct 5, 2019 3:28:50 PM

Just a few notes to keep you all involved with what’s going on, October is a very busy month especially if you include the fishing opportunities!

First off as you look at the calendar we have 2 events scheduled with the Nature Conservancy and River Restoration group on the Paulinskill, but both these days need volunteers as well as a Group leader for our chapter as Dean will be away for these events.

Another big event is Egg Day on the 21st; we now have 2 new schools added to our roster, totaling 26 school, so I’m hoping for the same great turnout we usually get to support Jim Klose on this very busy day.

Also we have the Chapter’s annual migration up to the Salmon River for a 3 day trip to chase some big bright and hopefully not so smart Steelhead starting on the 10th of November. Contact or see Glenn Hofmann at one of the meetings to sign up, don’t forget $50 deposit for the cabin is required. Spots are limited as this trip is filling up quickly.

Lastly we have our December Meeting/ Christmas party coming up, the meeting will be short and gifts will be plentiful!

Our next meeting is October 16th; 7:30 start at the VFW. Our guest speaker is Sammy Casqueira (from our chapter) who will be presenting some slides and discussion on Small Stream fishing in NJ with I’m sure some info on the Tankara style of fishing on them.

All for now


3 Month Look Ahead


    1. Paulinskill Cleanup Day 10/5 – 2 people signed up

    2. NJ State stocking days 10/8 – 10/16

    3. Fly Tying round table 10/8 (Tuesdays now) 7:30 at VFW

    4. General meeting 7:30 at VFW 10/16

        1. Guest Speaker Sammy Casqueira

    5. Paulinskill Tree restoration 10/19 – zero volunteers

    6. NJ State Council meeting 10/20 at Rutgers

    7. Egg Day for schools participating in TIC 10/21


    1. Board Meeting 11/6, 730 at VFW

    2. Fly Tying Round table 11/12 (Tuesdays now)7:30 at VFW

    3. Salmon River Steelhead trip 11/8 – 11/10

    4. General Meeting 11/20, 730 at VFW

        1. Guest Speaker- TBD


    1. Board Meeting 12/4 7:30 at VFW

    2. Fly Tying Round table 12/10, 730 at VFW

    3. Christmas Party/meeting 12/18, 730 at VFW