Back to TU

Post date: Sep 3, 2014 12:13:04 PM

For some of us it’s back to school, for others it’s back to work, but for all of us it’s back to the next semester of Trout Unlimited. And, your chapter has a full slate of fun filled activities planned for the next few months.

Lest I forget, my “thanks” to those volunteers who participated in “Green Day” at the Sussex County Fair. Hopefully we were able to encourage a few fly fisherman or potential fly fisherman to join FSB NNJTU. Also, I trust that all forty people who attended our annual picnic on August 16th enjoyed their day.

As we enter the fall season, Mission #1 is to make “progress” with our Sparta Glen Project. I am hereby defining “progress” as a Permit (to proceed) by the end of the year. Don’t forget our Sparta Glen work day on September 20.

As the school year starts, so does TIC. Willi reminds us that he’s gonna need help on Egg Day, early in October. Right now, FSB supports twenty three schools.

On our first meeting of the fall, Wednesday September 17, we will have Rick Nyles and/or Nick Raftas from Sky Blue Outfitters in Central Pennsylvania as our guest speaker(s). They will discuss several of PA’s limestone spring creeks. Please plan to attend.

Glen Zeeck