February 2012 Update

Post date: Sep 18, 2013 6:39:31 PM

A little over three months have passed, since 18 North Jersey schools received a delivery of some 200 fertilized brook trout eggs, together with the necessary food supplies. We enjoyed a great turn-out of volunteers to deliver the eggs, and it was in a large part due to their efforts, that this day came and went without a flaw. Thanks to all!

Since then, the eggs hatched and by now the fry has grown to a size of about an inch and a half. We did experience a small number of chiller problems, where the chillers had to be replace with a temporary loaner, until John Nordstedt, our (state-wide) chiller technician had made the repairs and re-delivered the chillers.

A total of four schools so far did experience a fish die-off, one due to a power failure and the others due to various other circumstances. And one other school, West Milford’s Macopin School(please sit down before you read on….) had all their fish stolen and the class room vandalized in the process. I am told that this was a first for the TIC program, although there was a school in southern New Jersey some years ago, where vandals disconnected the chiller and filter, resulting in the total loss of fish. All five of the schools received a new supply of fish, which we picked up at the Pequest Hatchery. Let’s call it the January private stocking program.!

All for now!

Willi Huber

TIC Coordinator