Onion Sack Time!

Post date: Apr 20, 2015 12:59:09 PM

Every year, mid-April signals it's time for the macroinvertebrates studies in the participating class rooms. We usually refer to this educational program as the "Onion Sacks".

In short, onion sacks are filled with old leaves and twigs, weighted down with rocks, and then placed into stream beds, where they become populated with macroinvertebrates (trout food), that live in the streams. After two weeks or so, the volunteers remove the sacks and deliver them to the participating schools. Once in the classrooms, the students open the (unappetizing) bags, and begin to search for, and identify the various bugs, using magnifying glasses and microscopes. Always a day that is looked forward to with great anticipation.

This year we have six schools in the program. They are: Mt. Arlington Public School, Hopatcong Middle School, Jefferson Township Middle School, Oakland's Indian Hills High School, Sparta Middle School and Sussex Middle School.

In a few weeks, the students will be releasing all their rainbow fingerlings into designated streams. This then will mark the end of another successful TIC season.

Many thanks to all that helped make it happen.

Talk to you again in the fall.

Willi Huber